Kim Kardashian Butt
Who is grabbing Kim Kardashian’s butt?
Well other girls apparently! Now there’s some footage I would like to see. Apparently Kim Kardashian has told reporters that girls come up to her on the street and ask to squeeze her bottom.

Kardashian said: “There’s constant interest in my bottom! The paparazzi always want ‘butt’ shots – girls come up to me and grab it and people ask to squeeze it. I sometimes think: Everyone’s got a butt, so why do you care about mine?” Well Kim, it is one of the best looking butts, that’s why.

Kim Kardashian recently got back together with on-again off-again boyfriend Reggie Bush who appreciates her butt. Kim thanks J-Lo for being able to be proud of her large curves: “I recently lost 6lb and toned up. My body shape comes from my father’s side of the family – he’s from Armenia, where all the women are voluptuous. “Thanks to role models like Jennifer Lopez, I’m comfortable with my curves.”

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