Kim Kardashian stalked

Kim Kardashian stalked

Kim Kardashian’s stalker has returned! According to TMZ, Kardashian had a stalker late last year who disappeared when Kardashian placed a restraining order against him in February. Well he’s back! The stalker, one “Dennis Shaun Bowman” has been harrassing Kim Kardashian, Miles Austin and Khloe Kardashian via popular messaging medium, Twitter.

Kardashian is a huge fan of twitter and uses it to post raunchy photos of herself and chat with fans. Since the restraining order Kim obtained is valid until 2013, she immediately went into action, contacting her lawyer and the police. The Police are currently investigating the allegation and Kardashian’s lawyer had this to say: “I will be speaking with law enforcement detectives … to determine whether or not Mr. Bowman’s actions are a violation of the order in place restricting Mr. Bowman’s conduct toward Ms. Kardashian.”

Read the full court documents at TMZ:

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