Kim Kardashian and Paris HIlton

Kim Kardashian and Paris HIlton

Paris Hilton has decided to reconcile with Kim Kardashian! The pair used to be BFF, but jealousy made their relationship fall apart. Well now they are friends again after Paris Hilton approached Kardashian at a Grammys after party and apologized for past indiscretions.

A source told gossip magazines: “Paris and Kim warmly embraced and genuinely seemed happy to see each other, Kim wished Paris a happy birthday… Paris thanked her for the kind things she said about [her] in the Haper’s Bazaar interview.”

In related Kim Kardashian news, she has posted some behind the scenes photos from her time in a recording studio, recording the first Kim Kardashian song!

Kim blogged about the photos: “Ok guys, I’ve decided to share some fun special photos from my first day in the recording studio with The Dream! This was such a fun experience! It was so great to do something completely out of my comfort zone and I really recommend that you guys challenge yourselves to do the same this year!”

50% of the profits from the song will go to cancer research, cancer has affected both Kardashian’s family and “The Dreams” family (the hip hop producer who helped record the song).

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