Kim Kardashian at Movie Premiere

Kim Kardashian at Movie Premiere

A nasty hacker on the Internet managed to get access to Kim Kardashian’s twitter account and was going to use it for nefarious purposes, but luckily Kim contacted her fans and got some help to prevent it going to far!

Kim was apparently locked out of her Twitter account on her computer but still had access via her mobile phone and tweeted to fans: “Twitter please help me get my password back! How is it that I can tweet from my cell but my home computer says wrong password!”

With some help she managed to get her account back after a few hours and tweeted to fans: “ok guys its really me… i’m back! that was sooo annoying! hackers are so lame. like whats the point!”

Kardashian’s Twitter account is pretty important to her, especially considering she has over 1 million fans and gets paid by sponsors for some of her tweets!

Also Kim recently attended the premiere to a new movie in Los Angeles, with her mom Kris Jenner. Enjoy the Kim Kardashian pics.

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