Kim Kardashian at people's choice awards

Kim Kardashian at people's choice awards

Here is an unusual tidbit of information about Kim Kardashian – apparently she is a cleaning fanatic! It is kind of unexpected because we know she loves to go out and party, most cleaning fanatics tend to be home bodies.

The good news for Kim Kardashian fans is that she has revealed these details in the latest issue of US magazine (April), which features Kim on the cover.

In the interview, Kim says: “I’m just the biggest neat freak at home. I don’t have people over for that reason, because I don’t like anyone in my space.”

Quite a revelation from Kim, who is a social butterfly. She continued: “I think I was a housekeeper in my last life. Sitting at home in sweats and cleaning out my closet would be a perfect night for me.”

I can imagine Kim in a maid’s outfit and trust me, she manages to make it pretty damn sexy.

Kardashian claims to take the same ‘regime’ of house maintenance to looking after her body and that is reflected by the numerous workouts Kim does every week, as well as beauty treatments.

On that, she said: “Everyone has the power to make good decisions, whether it is about your career or fitness routine. As long as you stay dedicated to something, you’ll see a change. If you are committed, you can do anything!”

That’s it guys, we all have the power to shape our bodies and make good decisions! Kim’s next career move, motivation speaker?

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