Kim Kardashian hot even in tracksuit!

Kim Kardashian hot even in tracksuit!

In the strangest news for the week so far, Kim Kardashian has revealed that if she wasn’t a celebrity, she would be a crime scene investigator like from the his show CSI. I suppose as confident as Kim is, she would succeed at most undertakings, so we shouldn’t put it past her.

Kim revealed the dream job to a celebrity gossip website, saying: “If I didn’t do what I do then I would be a crime scene investigator or if not a make up artist. I find all that crime scene thing fascinating. Or maybe I could be a make up artist for crime scene investigators!”

Investigating grizzly murders or putting makeup on people… seem to be two very unrelated occupations!

Speaking of looking good, Kardashian is still frantically working out so she will have a jaw dropping bikini body before summer hits. Apparently she has some stubborn “jiggly bits”. Kim says: “‘When I’m in Los Angeles, I exercise every day. And I’ll say it. I think my thighs are jiggly and I have cellulite. Of course I struggle with insecure moments,”

Kardashian’s motivational phrase: “Bikini, bikini, bikini!”. I am sure she will be in top shape by the time summer arrives!

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