Kim Kardashian tiger photo!

Kim Kardashian tiger photo!

In a somewhat dangerous move, Kim Kardashian has posed for a photo shoot with a tiger while wearing a cleavage revealing dress. Luckily the tiger was able to restrain itself from eating Kim Kardashian’s breasts for lunch and they managed to get some photos of the 2 unlikely friends sitting together on a couch.

The dangerous photo shoot was done for promotional photos for the upcoming Season 6 of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kim really does put work first and managed to overcome her fears to get the shoot done.

Kim blogged about the entire experience of course, writing: “I tried posing with the white tiger at our family photo shoot for Keeping Up with the Kardashians season six last week, but I was so scared!!!!”

She also wrote: “He got a little frisky so the trainer had to come help out.”. Not the first time Kim has dealt with a frisky male beast wanting to claw at her breasts I would say.

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