Kim Kardashian shows too much cleavage?

Kim Kardashian shows too much cleavage?

Kim Kardashian has been criticised for showing too much cleavage at public events! Apparently on a recent appearance on the Rachel Ray Show, Kim had her boobs out on display, then a few days later her boobs were prominent as she carried nephew Mason around.

According to a blog post on Hollywood Life, it’s getting hard for some people to concentrate on what Kardashian is saying because those breasts are fixating viewwers. Why are they so huge, shy is she flaunting them!

It is suggested that showing off her magnificent cleavage at events like the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards is inappropriate, but 12 year old boys watching the awards show strongly disagree with that assertion.

The blog post on Hollywood life suggest that Kim is now a role model for young girls so should be dressing more modestly, especially on shows which may have young kiddies watching. The opposing view (which we agree with) is that the younger kids are the more likely they have seen breasts recently, from being breast fed! So there is no risk there and the elderly are the ones more likely to be shocked.

Anyway check out the latest controversial cleavage pics from Kardashian and tell us what you think – too much? not enough?

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