Kim Kardashian and Ray J

Kim Kardashian and Ray J

Celebrity blog “Popeater” has reported that Danielle Staub is dating Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Ray J! Kim Kardashian has more in common with Danielle Staub of course, they both have starred in reality TV shows and both have had sex tapes released.

The Kim Kardashian sex tape was released via Vivid Entertainment 2 years ago.

Staub was only on the “Real housewives of New Jersey” for 2 years, but was a favourite on the show for many viewers. She was spotted giving Ray J a sloppy kiss last week at LA nightclub Lemon Basket.

Ray J met Danielle while she was promoting her brand new reality TV show which also features Heidi Montag. In her latest reality show, Staub is opening a restaurant and shows all of the drama behind operating a business.

The rumor mills are going overtime with gossip about the possibility of another sex tape eventually leaking from these two sex mad reality stars. But from our point of view, if it doesn’t involve Kim Kardashian it’s not worth watching.

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  1. Romi on Monday 16, 2011

    Do not post her video. Leave her alone and let her be happy!

  2. Syed on Monday 16, 2011

    Kim Kardashian u r very beautiful and sexy lady. I love u much much much….from the begining I saw u.

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