Kim Kardashian best body in Hollywood?

Kim Kardashian best body in Hollywood?

Does Kim Kardashian have the best body in Hollywood? “Pauly D” from Jersey Shore thinks so. Pauly is one of the muscle bound stars of the hit reality series, and he spend a lot of time in the gym and apparently appreciates that Kim Kardashian does the same,

Kardashian claims she faces a constant battle with her weight as her Armenian heritage means she has curves and cellulite is always an issue. Kim is on 5’2″ Kim, and her weight tends to fluctuate between 109 and 128 pounds, but most guys claim that her large booty is one of her most attractive features – that includes her fiance Kris Humphries who says Kim’s booty and lips are just hot.

When weighing up which guy has the best body in Hollywood, Pauly D chooses himself of course!
He claims: “Me, Ronnie and Sitch always compare bodies, I have the best, because everything’s defined, tight and well-proportioned” He’s modest too!

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