Kim Kardashian to start fitness regime for wedding

Kim Kardashian to start fitness regime for wedding

Kim Kardashian is apparently starting on her wedding fitness regime early – she claims she has quite a few pounds to lose, but we can’t see it going off these recent pics.

In the photos, Kardashian is shopping for lingerie and is looking trim and terrific, not overweight at all. However Kim claims there are areas on her body she isn’t happy with!

In the pics, she is looking hot in a tight fitting tan colored skirt and white top and she visits “La Perla” a popular lingerie shop in Los Angeles.

Following the lingerie shop, Kim helped herself to a tub of low fat yoghurt, another sign the race to reduce is on! We know she is on a weight loss diet because of her recent comments on Twitter in whish she replied to a weight loss comment with “I’m about to start again! Wedding slimdown.”

Kim won’t go too far in her weight loss apparently, she is smart enough to know it’s her curves that drive guys crazy, she said: “I’ve always loved the curvy look. Even when I was a little girl and my friends would be like: ‘Oh, your butt’s so big.’ And I’d say: ‘I love it.'”

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