Kim Kardashian burger joint visit

Kim Kardashian burger joint visit

Burger fans had quite a surprise on Friday when a huge white SUV rolled up to the “Five Guys Burgers” joint in St Cloud and out hopped Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries!

Kris and Kim didn’t just pop in for a quick bite either, they spent a full hour in the burger shop, enjoying a leisurely lunch while bemused on-lookers wondered what the hell Kim Kardashian was doing there.

Luckily they gave the burger joint a heads up and they opened early to accommodate the onlookers. A TV crew followed Kim and Kris of course, filming the day out as part of a engagement TV special which will air on E!

The pair were in St Cloud visiting Kris Humphries grandparents. With that visit, Kim Kardashian has met the extended family of Humphries.

Willam Humphries, (Kris’ dad) says of Kim: “I like her. She’s very kind, she’s a very gentle person. She has a very strong faith, being a Christian — that’s probably what doesn’t come across (on her show),”

Many of the patrons of the burger joint were there just to catch a glimpse of Kardashian and she happily posed for photos.

Jessica Backowski was one of those and described herself as a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and the reality TV series.

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