Kim Kardashian millions of milkshakes

Kim Kardashian millions of milkshakes

Kim Kardashian is well known not only as a sex tape star and international celebrity, but also for her wide range of endorsed products. She has endorsed everything from weight loss drinks to shoes to lollipops to burgers. Basically she has gone from sex symbol to an inspirations for entrepreneurs!

Her latest product will be marketed in Dubai, of all places! Kardashian is helping launch “Millions of Milkshakes”, a family milkshake bar, in the United Arabs Emirates in coming weeks. Customers can design their own milkshake, choosing from many flavours and over 50 toppings, leading to thousands of possible combinations of milkshakes (if not, millions).

Millions of Milkshakes covers the full gamut of milkshakes, from fruity healthy smoothies, through to chocolate covered double chocolate milkshakes with enough calories to make you fatter just by looking at it.

Kim said: I am so excited to be working with Millions of Milkshakes and I can’t wait to get to the UAE and meet some fans!”.

The Millions of Milkshakes brand is one of the fastest moving in the world, going from relative obscurity to one of the most talked about brands in 2 years. Many celebrities have endorsed the milkshake shop because it helps deliver sugary treats or healthy shakes depending on what mood you are in.

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