Kim Kardashian Wedding Rumors

Kim Kardashian Wedding Rumors

Well the big day is approaching and soon Kim Kardashian will no longer be a single hotty, but an honest woman, married to professional basketballer and giant, Kris Humphries.

A lot of rumors have been spread about the upcoming big day and we have collated some of them here for you guys and girls to check out.

She is apparently bleaching, toning, and removing hair from almost every part of her body in preparation for the wedding night. She has been tweeting madly about the optimizing of the Kim Kardashian machine and the most recent one was: “Just had the best chiropractor appointment, then massage and Korean spa scrub!”.

Kris Humphries can expect a spotless, toned and beautiful Kim Kardashian on their wedding night, pimped and pampered to within an inch of her life! She has even had “several consultations” on the right shade of nail polish for the event. Yes that sounds like something worth consulting on..

Kim has asked guests to adhere to a dress code! The strict planning of the wedding even specifies what the guests should wear, and they must wear either black or white. We can probably assume this means that the wedding party will be dressed in many vibrant colors. Some gossip blogs have indicated that Kim will be wearing a “non-traditional” gown designed by Vera Wang, so yes that means not white.

..and those wedding dresses. Kim has three wedding dresses to choose from, she narrowed it doen that far at least. Each dress costs around $25’000 USD, so they aren’t the cheapest options in the shop. Kardashian is still struggling with the decision and will narrow it down again this week. So far she has had an estimated 16 fitting sessions, trying on various dresses and getting the sizing ‘just right’.

Next rumor: Green will not be ‘the’ color! One recent rumor was that the entire bridal party was going to be dressed in green was apparently started by one of the Kardashian sisters. However it’s ‘99% not true’ according to a source close to the wedding.

The location of the actual ceremony and reception has been narrowed down! It is the same luxury estate that Ben Affleck and J-Lo were going to be married in, Sotto Il Monte, in the Santa Barbara town of Montecito. Apparently some huge luxurious estate!

The final rumor – the honeymoon will be delayed! Much to fiance Kris Humphries disappointment, Kim Kardashian is a very busy woman and intends to remain so. That means the honeymoon will be delayed until 2012 according to some. Kardashian has the MTV Video Music awards and the New York filming of “Kourtney & Kim take New York” to keep her busy next week. That means a couple of days to relax after the wedding, then back to work!

More Kim Kardashian wedding rumors coming soon..

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  1. Tony on Wednesday 17, 2011

    Okay she’s hot and maybe she’s is worth a tissue. But all this hype, NO.

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