Kim Kardashian wedding a noisy affair!

Kim Kardashian wedding a noisy affair!

All reports indicated that Kim Kardashian’s wedding went very well, all of the guests had a ball… but the neighbours not so much!

There were a record 22 calls to the police over the noise from Kardashian’s wedding. Apparently the noise from nearly 500 wedding guests drinking and dancing as well as Earth Wind and Fire playing, was very loud!

The event was held in Montecito, California at a private estate and many celebrity guests were invited. Apparently the estate is surrounded by many other large and wealthy estates and they don’t like having their evenings interrupted by reality television and former sex tape stars having a party.

In addition to the music and drunken noise from the party, the neighbors had to deal with hovering helicopters as the media tried to get some footage of the party and wedding ceremony.

Luckily for Kardashian there were no arrests and that included Lindsay Lohan, who was seen at the bar enjoying a number of Tequila shots. Kim also had plenty of security so if the neighbors decided to gatecrash they would be thrown back very easily. More Kim Kardashian Wedding News coming!

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  1. Raymond Mauser on Tuesday 23, 2011

    Please understand, I’m not a hater. I just want to know what has Kim or any of the other Kardashians done to be famous

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