Kim Kardashian and brother Rob Kardashian

Most families have fights between siblings, especially brothers and sisters, on a pretty regular basis. But when the fight is televised on a reality television series and gets serious, it’s a different matter!

Recently Kardashian brat Rob Kardashian became angry at his old sister, hotty Kim Kardashian and called her “a whore”. The fight took place during a family holiday to Bora Bora and the entire event was filmed.

Kris Jenner, the family matriarch, became upset of course, counseled Rob and even suggested that he get checked for a mental illness.

Rob’s reason for getting pissy? Kim’s suggestion that his little sister Kendall Jenner was earning more money than him! Unfortunately for Rob, it may very well be true as Kendall is turning into a very beautiful young woman and landing a lot of modeling gigs.

Rob on the other hand doesn’t seem to do much but calls himself a “male model” and “music manager”. Apparently after the mixup Rob has decided to get his life back on track and go to law school. We will see if Kim is right!

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