Kim Kardashian Most Annoying?

Kim Kardashian Most Annoying?

Kim Kardashian has taken out a few awards, but the latest one isn’t much of a bonus. Despite having legions of fans, Kardashian has been awarded the #1 position for the “most annoying celebrity of the summer” in a poll carried out by and OMG!

The busty brunette married basketballer Kris Humphries this year so the coverage of the Kardashian family was at an all time high. Additionally her sex tape had a resurgence in popularity so perhaps it was all too much for the general public.

Other celebrities to make it into the list included “Jersey Shore” star Snooki (who is a friend of Kardashian’s funnily enough), and drug addled nutcase Charlie Sheen.

Lindsay Lohan even made the list, despite having a relatively quiet summer compared to her usual highjinks.

Parade magazine did mention the fact that Kim has been kind of over exposed this year which may explain her most annoying status: “Everywhere you look, there seems to be a Kardashian. Famous for being famous, Kim, in particular, has been inescapable, with her recent wedding and honeymoon reported just about everywhere. Perhaps all that exposure is why she earned the title of Most Annoying Celebrity in our poll, with 29 per cent of the vote.”

The Most Annoying Celebrities:
1. Kim Kardashian 29 per cent
2. Charlie Sheen 27 per cent
3. Snooki 21 per cent
4. Lindsay Lohan 16 per cent
5. Donald Trump 5 per cent
6. Brad Womack 1 per cent

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