Kim Kardashian single again

Kim Kardashian single again

Post seperation, Kim Kardashian’s close friends are already attacking Kris Humphries in recent comments. Kris apparently said he was happy with a simple life in his home town of Minnesota, but as soon as the marriage to Kim Kardashian started to fall apart he began “chasing fame”.

Humphries is already talking about designing a Kris Humphries cologne, and various other products apparently trying to emulate the success that Kim Kardashian has had. Kris has also been making nightclub appearances! What a way to mark a divorce, non-stop partying..

Kris wants to stay in close contact with the Kardashians and that made Kim’s close friends aware that he may have his own business ventures in mind and needed the Kardashian brand association to make them work. Kris has already hired a publicist, not sure why someone who wanted a quiet life in Minnesota would need one of those!

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