Kim Kardashian and Brittny Gastineau

Kim Kardashian and Brittny Gastineau

Just as Kim Kardashian had a bust up with friend Paris Hilton, rumors abound that she has had a fight with friend Brittny Gastineau. reports that Brittny has stopped returning Kim’s phone calls after the announcement of the divorce from Kris Humphries. According to a source close to the pair: “Brittny was very concerned about Kim’s decision to jump into this marriage, and she expressed that to her, in a very loving way”. So Kim must have ignored Brittny’s advice and we’ve all seen the outcome.

The source continued: “It didn’t seem to bother Kim at the time, which was around the time the engagement was announced. Maybe Kim felt like a fool, and perhaps she should have listened to Brittny. Brittny isn’t the ‘I told you so’ type. She is very hurt that Kim has frozen her out of her life right now.”

Brittny recently had her 28th birthday party and made it very clear she was not in the mood to talk to Kim. Kim’s rash decision to marry and quickly divorce may have cost her some respect and a few friends.

Brittny has been close to Kardashian for a number of years and even caught the bouquet at Kim’s wedding!

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