Kim Kardashian missing motherhood

Kim Kardashian missing motherhood

It looks like Kim Kardashian has been having a seep think about the direction her life is heading after the 72 marriage with Kris Humphries and subsequent divorce.

She has confessed to a magazine that she doubts if she will reach her life long goal of having children.

In the interview with Glamour magazine, the 31 year old said that the divorce was a sudden decision but not one that she regrets. However she does regret that she hasn’t started her own family by now.

Kardashian said that she still believes in love, even after the divorce: “I think I’ll always be a hopeless romantic, I believe in love and the dream of having a perfect relationship, but my idea of it has changed. I think I need to not live in a fairy tale like that”

If Kim never finds the right guy and has children, she seems content to be a good aunty to Mason Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s son. “I always wanted what Mom and Dad had. At first, I was like, ‘I want six kids.’ Then I went down to four … and now I’m like, ‘Maybe I won’t have any.’ Maybe I’ll just be a good aunt,”

However I am sure that if Kardashian lowers her standards slightly, she would have many thousands of men ready to marry her and give her those children!

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