Kim Kardashian Rudest?

Kim Kardashian Rudest?

Kim Kardashian is continuing her bad run of luck since her 72 day marriage to professional basketballer Kris Humphries. It turns out the short lived marriage has tarnished her reputation because many people think it was a scam to make money for the couple!

As a result, she has earned the title of the “Most Ill-Mannered Person of 2011″!

The National League of Junior Cotillions give out awards every year for the rudest and most well mannered celebrities of the year. Kim Kardashian obtained the award specifically for “making a private matter public and disrespecting the institution of marriage”

The best mannered was awarded to the lovely Duchess Kate Middleton, “for the poise and dignity with which she conducts herself in the public spotlight.”

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift also received awards for being very well mannered celebrities! Another blow to Kim Kardashian!

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