Kim Kardashian True Reflection Fragrance

Kim Kardashian True Reflection Fragrance

Kim Kardashian is not taking 2012 laying down, already aggressively pursuing new business ventures, the latest being yet another perfume. The fragrance, her 4th, will be called “True Reflection” and will be released in spring.

Kim has already done the promotional shots for the perfume, so they are just waiting for the launch date, which will perhaps be in March or April.

Kardashian told fans about the new fragrance on her blog and included a number of the promotional shots from the advertising campaign that will be coming with the product. Kim wrote: “Here’s a pic from my new True Reflection fragrance ad campaign… ultra glam! I LOVE red lips! My new fragrance comes out this spring and it is so different than my other fragrances! Xo.”

Kim looks very beautiful and elegant in the photos which are classic and reminiscent of 1960s glamor photography. According to Kim she collects perfumes to remind her of certain times in her life. So in later years she can wear something and remember when she started wearing the fragrance and what was happening around that time.

Kardashian says this fragrance “will remind me of success, working really hard and also my sisters. We were all together so much when I was making the fragrance that it reminds me of my TV show.”

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