Kim Kardashian Bikini Line

Kim Kardashian Bikini Line

Kim Kardashian has jumped onto Twitter to build some excitement about some future products launching this spring. Kardashian tweeted a link to an interview with the co-creator of the Kardashian Kollection, Bruno Schiavi, in which he mentions the new clothing lines being introduced in time for summer.

The interview is somewhat illuminating because Bruno mentions that he had some initial concerns about working with the Kardashian sisters. He says: “Oh my God, were going to have three girls, three different opinions, very, very stylish, sophisticated, glamorous women that are all going to want to design something totally different. How is this going to work?”

So what will the new lines be? Bikinis and lots of them! So get ready for summer lady, make sure you are as toned as Kim is, ready to get those bikinis out.

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