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Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries Manhattan

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries Manhattan

After a number of shopping trips and stops at the beauty salon in recent days, Kim Kardashian managed to find time for her new husband and a little outing around Manhattan on the weekend.

The pair were spotted in Manhattan, laughing and holding hands on their way to lunch at the popular Hillstone Restaurant. Kim looked great insome kneehigh boots, black leggings, a colorful top and large hoop earnings. Chic and stylish.

Earlier in the day Kardashian joined some friends to watch the Philadelphia eagles play against the New York Giants.

So it was a very sporty day for Kim as she later tweeted: “Sunday funday at a sports bar w my churls @JoyceBonelli @CarlaDiBello @SheivaG”

Later on she wrote: “Ok its girls against our men today! Why are we all rooting for opposite teams than our guys! #ChurlPower”

Kim Kardashian Xrays Booty!

Kim Kardashian Xrays Booty!

Well this is one of the strangest news items concerning Kim Kardashian for a while..

With all of the debate over the years about if Kim Kardashian’s famous booty was real or a result of plastic surgery, Kim has finally buckled and proved it is a real booty.

For years rumors of butt implants have plagued her, but without a doubt we know it’s a real booty. Yes this is important news! This will shut up the haters who have been loudly proclaiming no real woman can have a booty that perfect.

Khloe Kardashian tweeted the pic of Kim Kardashian pointing at her booty xray as evidence. Khloe was having a great laugh over it, tweeting: “Kim got a butt X-Ray…See, it’s REAL!!! LOL,”

Kim Kardashianlater retweeted the booty pic, writing: “Haha! The things my sisters have me do! Proof baby!”

Kim Kardashian Glamour Woman of the Year Awards

Kim Kardashian Glamour Woman of the Year Awards

Kim Kardashian is frequently mentioned as one of the most glamorous women in the world – well recently she put that to the test by attending an event full of other very glamorous women, the “Glamour woman of the Year Awards” event.

Kim went with a simple form hugging black dress, but had impeccable makeup and jewelery, so glamorous that she blew away many of the other ladies in attendance.

The dress was corseted and really highlighted her rather large booty, which added a dash of sexiness to her glamour.
Critics only panned Kim’s hair style, suggesting she should have worn her hair out instead of tightly pulled back.

Her huge engagement ring was also on display, which made many of the other ladies envious! In addition to that huge ring, she donned Lorraine Schwartz earrings.

In addition to Kardashian, some of the celebrities at the event included Kristen Stewart and a very beautiful Gemma Arterton.

Kim Kardashian launches a new perfume

Kim Kardashian launches a new perfume

Before Kim Kardashian went to a recent holiday in Mexico with her boyfriend Kris Humphries, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, she managed to fit in a new product launch. Kardashian launched a new fragrance called “Gold” at the Macys in the Las Vegas Fashion show mall.

Kardashian was moderately glammed up, with a figure hugging outfit and some nice jewelery. Kim explained to fans at the fragrance launch what “Gold” was all about: “Gold is a luxury that stands the test of time, a universal symbol of sophistication and glamour”.

She made the comparison to jewelery which apparently all women love: “Like a stunning piece of precious jewellery, ‘Gold’ lends everyday style a surge of seductive sparkle and timeless beauty”

After the launch she tweeted her fans to thank them for turning up! Kardashian tweeted: “So many sweet & thoughtful people came out to support my new Kim Kardashian Gold fragrance! I love you Vegas… now heading back to LA!”

Kourtney Kardashian celebrates her birthday

Kourtney Kardashian celebrates her birthday

She’s not exactly known for her musical talents.

Kim may be the one who has released a single, but sister Kourtney also knows how to shake her booty to music as well as sing along. During their shared holiday in Mexico, Kourtney Kardashian celebrated her 32nd birthday and did so with a party at a friend’s house. She got up and had a dance and sang along with the band and was cheered along by her song Mason and boyfriend Scott Disick.

They were partying at friend Joe Francis’s fancy mexican villa and from the looks of things many tequilla shots were had. Kim Kardashian looks like she had a great time dancing and cuddling her relatively new boyfriend Kris Humphries.

Many celebrities have partied at the house in the past including Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore. Francis is the founder of “Girls Gone Wild”.
The party featured a traditional mariachi band as well as a huge chocolate cake, Kourtney’s favourite.

Kim looked sexy in some very high red high heels and a beach dress.
Kourtney tweeted about how great her vacation was, writing: ‘So sad to be home from the most amazing vacation in Mexico with the best friends and family ever.’

She also wrote: ‘Thank you for all of the birthday wishes everyone!!!! I’m having a fabulous day so far. 32 years old and wiser than ever.’ earlier in the day.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries in NY

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries in NY

Kim Kardashian has joined her sister Kendall Jenner for a few days in New York and while there she has found some time to hang out with boyfriend Kris Humphries.

The pictures of the pair are almost cartoonish though – the height difference is really pronounced in the pics. Humphries towers about a foot and a half over the top of Kim. Regardless of the fact that as a couple they look comical together, Kim seems to be enjoying her time with Kris. They’ve both met each others parents and family, and aren’t seeing other people.

Kris is a professional basketballer, so that height come in handy there, but unforunately makes his life hard when he dates short women!

Kim is in New York to help little sister Kendall Jenner on a modeling gig, and just happened to find time to spend with Kris Humphries.

Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian arrive at JFK Airport in NYC

Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian arrive at JFK Airport in NYC

Kendall Jenner is apparently a big hit in the modeling world, having already secured a spot at a top class modeling agency as well as having appeared in a number of photo shoots.

It’s no wonder though really.. She has the best of both worlds, having inherited that beautiful dark hair and those dark eyes from her Kardashian genes, but also inheriting some height from her fathers side. So she has that Kardashian hotness combined with long legs – definitely model material.

Hands off though guys, despite looking 18 Kendall Jenner is 15! So it’s no wonder then that big sister Kim Kardashian has decided to watch over Kendall for her trips into New York for modeling gigs. On the one hand she will have to give her sister modeling advice, but also fight off advances from guys.

The pair were seen together at the JFK airport in New York City, happily smiling for paparazzi. Kendall had flat heel boots while Kim was in high heels and Kendall still towered over her!

Kim Tweeted about the trip, writing: “So excited to be here in NYC with @KendallJenner! Its gonna be a fun modelling fashion weekend! Big shoot tomorrow so early night! Xo”.

Kendall was equally excited, simply tweeting: “Woohoo! Helloooo New York!”

Kim Kardashian shopping trup

Kim Kardashian shopping trup

Kim Kardashian has written about her admiration for Elizabeth Taylor in a tweet immediately after hearing the new of her death. Apparently Kim was a huge fan of the glamorous movie star for a long time, she wrote: “I am so saddened about the passing of Elizabeth Taylor! She will always be my idol!”

Kim spent the rest of the day doing some shopping with a friend, going to a beauty parlor and then at some business meetings.

Kim kept fans aprised of her whereabouts via twitter, saying: “Just left a huge Sears meeting! You guys are gonna LOVE our new collection! Can’t wait for it to launch!!!!!”

and later on writing: “Ok now heading to a fragrance meeting. I need a name for my new perfume! Any cool ideas?” Well it sounds like Kim definitely has a new fragrance line on the way.

Kim Kardashian at Elton John Fund Raiser

Kim Kardashian at Elton John Fund Raiser

Kim Kardashian has chosen to not attend the Oscars this year, instead attending the Annual Elton John Oscars party and Fundraiser. The party is an annual event, is hosted by Elton John and involves many celebrities watching the Oscars and raising money for AIDS research.

The event was held at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California and Kim turned up in her most glamorous form, wearing a full length gown.

Unusual for Kim, she had an early night, going to bed after the party instead of heading out to an Oscars after party. Kim tweeted: “OK I know the night is just beginning but I snuck away and now I’m in bed! I have a big day ahead of me! I’m exhausted! Night night!”

Kim Kardashian at Movie Premiere

Kim Kardashian at Movie Premiere

A nasty hacker on the Internet managed to get access to Kim Kardashian’s twitter account and was going to use it for nefarious purposes, but luckily Kim contacted her fans and got some help to prevent it going to far!

Kim was apparently locked out of her Twitter account on her computer but still had access via her mobile phone and tweeted to fans: “Twitter please help me get my password back! How is it that I can tweet from my cell but my home computer says wrong password!”

With some help she managed to get her account back after a few hours and tweeted to fans: “ok guys its really me… i’m back! that was sooo annoying! hackers are so lame. like whats the point!”

Kardashian’s Twitter account is pretty important to her, especially considering she has over 1 million fans and gets paid by sponsors for some of her tweets!

Also Kim recently attended the premiere to a new movie in Los Angeles, with her mom Kris Jenner. Enjoy the Kim Kardashian pics.

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