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Kim had her most emotional moment in all her stay in Africa when she and Khloe visited a children’s Feeding Center. It was a good thing that Khloe brought with her a camera to take good shots of those moments. The children were all really awed by the camera after and seeing theirselves in it. They were crying when they left.

The children and older women were fed there twice a day with milk from powder and hot water, and slices of bread. The older ladies sold items that they themselves made. It includes clothes, jewelry, and other items. Kim and Khloe bought some really cool bracelets.

The most emotional part of that time is when they all sang and danced. It was definitely one of Kim’s favorite moments from the whole trip.





Kim loves her sexy curves. Ever since her fitness video, Fit in Your Jeans by Friday, she’s had a lifestyle change to maintain her health, and her beautiful figure.

However, all isn’t entirely well for Kim. She still wants to shed the extra 5 pounds that has been staying on her persistently. But, she’s found the solution to having it off of her.

Kim shares her QuickTrim experience, and how it helped in complementing her lifestyle change. It boosted her metabolism and weight loss. She’s not really the person to go after quick fixes, but this time, QuickTrim did a really good job as a complementary weight loss solution.


Kim is a dog-person, she admits. This can also be clearly seen in her photos taken by the poolside with her sister, Kendall Jenner. The shots were taken at her mom’s house.

Kim also compiles her other pooch-loving pics.








First off, Kim Kardashian corrected her geography. She clarified that she went to Johannesberg and Botswana, both in South Africa. Blame those comments criticizing her about writing “Botswana, South Africa”. It should’ve been understood easily anyway.

Moving on to the real deal, Kim paid Botswana a real heartfelt visit with Reggie! On their first day, they went to a school for disabled children, and Reggie taught them to play football. Kim describes the beautiful look on the faces of the children as they play with Reggie.

They and Adidas donated a new rehab facility for the children to use. The facility s called Motswedi Rehabilitation Centre. It helps rehabilitate and care for children as they get ready to “pass away”.



Kim shared a website that she found, StyleSpot, that spots celebrity glamorous looks, and recreates a style of their own on a budget. Kim herself liked the idea, and is promoting the site, StyleSpot.com!

Kim liked the most her recreated Aces and Angels Celebrity Charity Poker Party look, held at the Playboy Mansion. Check it out!




Kim admitted that she loves experimenting with her hair to look Hollywood-red-carpet ready. This time, she compiles what seems to be a “diary” of her hair experiments.

Kim’s hair is always in good hands, as she believes. Chuckle Amos did her glamorous blonde look for Scoot Barne’s book About Face. Ken Paves did her short, light bob for a magazine shoot. Roberta Rogers and Ken Paves, finally, created her “illusionary” short dark bob for the MuchMusic Video Awards, giving her the looks and appeal of Marilyn Monroe.

Enjoy her different hair-styles throughout her hair’s life.


Kim Kardashian is going summer babe as she enjoys the wonderful work of Troy Jensen. She shares Troy’s very own makeup tips to look beautifully bronze. This summer.

If you’re wondering how Kim gets that beach-babe look, be thankful because she’s sharing how. The ff. is Troy Jensen’s latest blog post: http://troyjensenonline.blogspot.com/2009/07/sizzling-summer-chic-on-kim-kardashian.html


Kim Kardashian shared her teenage Pocahontas look. She definitely looks very young. Kim liked her eyebrows and blogged about it saying, “This is me at 18 years old! Look how thin my eye brows are! I look so young! I love it! “




After moving from Botswana to Johannesburg in South Africa, Kim was not allowed to go any further from the airport as she lost her passport. She shared to People, “they wouldn’t let me out of the customs line”.

Kim knows the she dropped the passport while still in the plane. The airport staff claimed they were looking for the passport, but Kim feels they weren’t really doing anything for it. In the end, Reggie Bush, her NFL Player boyfriend, saved the day by convincing them to look for the passport himself.

Reggie indeed found what was missing. After that, they successfully proceeded with their charity trip to educate people about the importance and help of the diamonds of South Africa.


Reports of Kim Kardashian’s latest humanitarian efforts must have reached a lot already. Kim has already arrived at Botswana in South Africa.

It can’t be denied that Kim’s Tweets are one of the best of celeb’s, making a lot of sense.

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