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It has never been that Kim Kardashian set foot on red carpet with blonde hair. Not until her appearance at the Teen Choice Awards! She went to the awards with sisters Kendall and Kylie. It was their first Teen Choice Awards and they were really eager to go with Kim.



Kim presented an award to the Jonas Brothers with Shawn Johnson. Of course, there’s her really huge crush on Nick! The fans dared him to hug as many girls as he could in 20 seconds, and Kim was last in line. When her turn arrived, she hugged Nick really tight and would never let go. Very funny! Kim thinks that Nick’s too young for her, though.

In the mean time, enjoy more of Kim’s really blonde and ‘adorable’ photos at the Teen Choice Awards!







The day that Kim Kardashian dyed her hair and transformed into a blondie was also her sister Kylie Jenner’s birthday. She was to wear that look for the Teen Choice Awards night.


Kendall and Kylie didn’t recognize her when she walked up to the table. Her blonde hair was just all new to them, it was surprising. Well, it was Kylie’s 12th birthday and Kim just wants to say how much she loves her sister.

Mean while, try getting used to Kim’s new blonde look.





Kim Kardashian has had a good dose of peforming on television with her ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ series as well as the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Her next move is going behind the camera and creating a documentary which details the lifestyle of a Hollywood publicist.

Kardashian has signed a deal with Bunim-Murray productions and will be executive producer on the project. No script has been written for the show yet however. The publicist at the center of the show is he friend Jonathon Cheban, all of this reported by the New York Post.

The series has been described as “a docu-series that follows Jonathan, the world of celebs and entertainment PR.” Sounds interesting!


Kim’s a real star, but this time, it’s Farnaz’ moment. Not only because it’s her birthday but because she’s done so much for Keeping Up with the Kardashians and a lot more other reality shows!




The Kardashian sisters together with Bruce and Kris Jenner celebrated Farnaz’ birthday. The took her to Casa Vega for one good time.

Farnaz, or Ferny as Kim calls her, is the “glue” of the Kardashian’s TV shows. She’s just a great reality TV show producer that she’s done so many, including The Real World.

Again, happy birthday, Miss Ferny!


It was Ken Paves’ birthday party last August 7 and Beso was just the right place for a party. Kim just adores Ken a lot, and she says that it’s just as great to be with all of his muses! That’s gotta be a lot of catching up!


The best thing about Beso, according to Kim, was the churros. She really loved the dessert. I guess this is “happy birthday, Ken Paves”!


Kim looks so different and somewhat sophisticated for the September issue of O. The reason for this is to show off the latest fashion trends for Oprah’s key demo. They find much better than to use a model.


We are all aware about how the Kardashian sisters do shopping in their reality show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” You know they spend so much when they shop.

This time Kim Kardashian speaks out on her blog about Octomom’s shopping habits. “Why is Octomom wearing my Jimmy Choo sunglasses?” she said on her blog to Nadya Suleman a.k.a. Octomom.

Octomom is the woman who became famous with giving birth to her 8 children, bringing it to a total of 14. Kim added, “I think it’s a little ridiculous that she claims she has no money and is on welfare to take care of her 14 children, yet she is out shopping and buying Jimmy Choo sunglasses!”

Maybe what Kim Karhashian is trying to say is to better spend Octomon’s money to her 14 children rather than shopping with precious things as she said, “I guess she’d rather spend her octo-dollars on accessories. Aren’t 14 accessories enough, Octomom? I am sensing a shopping addiction here?”


There are photos of Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney circulating in the net wearing identical dresses. And, here’s another one of ‘em!

Kim doesn’t look very happy, probably because she didn’t have her own cookie. Bad bigger sister! Well, just enjoy the youthfulness in this oldschool photo from Kim Kardashian!





Grandmom MJ, Kim’s grandma of course, turned 75 on July 26. She went to LA with her long-time bestfriend Marci, a good friend since high school. They took her to The Ivy restaurant because it was her favorite spot to eat at. They celebrated this really grand event there with their family.

Kim is really attached to her grandmother. She considers her as one of her best friends. She really loves her grandma indeed!



An idea of Troy Jensen, Kim is now showing off her sexy lips that are now bright pink. She loves how it combines with the dark color of her eyes. This is definitely a new experiment she’s tried.

The 80s-ish look is what she had on the Orphan premiere she recently went to with her friends. Now, she poses for the camera for some clearer shots of her sexy pink lips.

Now you say it: is it nice or naughty?

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