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Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush Transformers Premiere
Well Kim Kardashian has succumbed to her loneliness and decided to re-unite with ex-love Reggie Bush!
It’s been a busy week for the Kardashian’s with more pregnancy updates for Kourtney, Kim doing her usual routine of showing up to every event and Khourtney getting married

Kim’s reconciliation with NFL running back, Reggie Bush came 1 day after the wedding, so perhaps the wedding highlighted her loneliness and she had to get her partner back! A source close to the Kardashians says: “They’re totally back together for real, Kim and Reggie spent a few months apart getting their priorities together and figuring out who they were as individuals so they can make it work together.”

Kim Kardashian hot bridesmaid
Khloe Kardashian recently got married on the weekend and what a huge event for the Kardashians. Here is a shot snapped of Kim Kardashian looking pretty hot in a fluffy purple bridesmaid dress.

Usually bridesmaids get a little desperate and sad at weddings, thats one bridesmaid you’d be lucky to get with!
Of course their reality TV show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ was filming there so we get to see the whole thing on TV soon.

Kim also tweeted about it (as she frequently does): “All of the girls glamming up 4 the wedding together! What an exciting day!!!”and: “Tonight was one of the best nights of my life! Khloe & Lamar’s wedding was a night to remember! I love u both so much!”

Kim Kardashian Gothic Look
Kim Kardashian has been doing more ‘experimental’ photo shoots.

As one blogger put it, this is “what skanks will look like in the future”. The photoshoot appears in the September issue of YRB magazine. It’s a bit of an emo dark look in the magazine, and quite frankly Kardashian looks a bit scary. Yes she does look a bit like the Russian chick from Indiana Jones.



A picture can say an infinite amount of words. This is the case of Kim Kardashian’s photos as Venus, the Water Goddess.

Shots like these aren’t a joke, apparently. They’re really artistic, and it helped when Kim Kardashian channeled her inner Venus. It worked well, though.

Anyhow, the photos say it all. It wouldn’t be bad if we believe she really is the goddess of love… and beauty to that!


It’s true. Kim herself admitted that she loves eating – a lot. She’s said this already before, saying that it was a doing of her friend Jonathan. Now, she’s a full-fledged food-lover.

This time, she shares her love for food with new-found fellow food-lover Brittny, and Jonathan whom she have shared the love for food ever since.

Caution: some of the photos might be disturbing for you to see. Oh, the manners! LOL!




Kim Kardashian Sexy Black Dress
Kim Kardashian is really starting to get excited about this years Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion week!

Here she is again, this time at the Badgley Mischka runway show. Apparently Kim was applauding frantically for some designs that really caught her eye. Kardashian looked smoking hot yet again in a sexy black dress. She must be spending a lot of time on her appearance this week because she is looking impeccable wherever she goes.

Kardashian’s recent weight loss binge also has her looking better than she has in a while. Perhaps the breakup with Reggie Bush was motivation for Kim to get into the best shape of her life?

Kim Kardashian Fashion Show
Kim Kardashian has recently been going to a number of fashion shows. Last night Kardshian attended the Tracy Reese Spring 2010 fashion show. The show was at the Salon at Bryant Park.

Kim posed backstage for paparazzi before taking her seat. Alongside her in the crowd were Kelly Rowland, Reshma Shetty and Caitlin Crosby.

As usual, Kim was also tweeting to her followers throughout the show. Kim tweeted, “First show of the day for me! Jill Stuart. Can’t wait to c the make up & hair looks 4 the show!”

 kardashian sisters

Star magazine recently had a cover with the bold headline “Kardashians at War!” which detailed some if the supposed in-fighting and bickering between the sisters. Kim saw the article and apparently it made her laugh out loud.

Kim of course denies the cat fights between the sisters.
Other magazines have also suggested that she may be jealous of her pregnant sister Khloe. Kim claims that any fights the sisters have are “100% playful sisterly fights”. “You’ve seen how we tease each other on the show, and how we joke around on Twitter… it’s what sisters do!!! There’s no war here, people!”


Wow, we can see Kim Kardashian’s workout routine has really paid off in this recent picture that Kim tweeted to fans.

Her body looks incredible, you can see her abs pretty clearly, obviously the sign of many crunches, but she still has those juicy curves.  Incredible!  Kim was on a photo shoot for her ‘quick trim’ weight loss product.

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