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Kim Kardashian crashes Kris Humphries bachelor party

Kim Kardashian crashes Kris Humphries bachelor party

Isn’t it bad luck for the bride to be to drop in on the bachelor party un-announced? Well it seems Kim Kardashian doesn’t give a stuff about that, turning up to fiance Kris Humphries bachelor party unannounced.

Luckily for Kris, he was behaving at the time so he didn’t have his face in a stripper’s cleavage when Kardashian turned up. Both Kardashian and Humphries were celebrating their bachelor and bachelorette parties in Las Vegas at various night clubs.

Kim’s night started at the Tao nightclub, getting very drunk with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney as well her mom Kris Jenner. Kris Humphries’ sister Kaela was in attendance as well, dancing and getting boozy with the Kardashian clan.

Other hotties Kim dragged along included Brittny Gastineau, Lala Anthony and Malika. Khloe was the bachelorette party organiser and made sure the booze was flowing as were the raunchy party activities. The use of chocolate penis straws and a stripper midget kept everybody thoroughly entertained.

Kim was loving the raunchy action but did say: “My sisters are doing everything they can to embarrass me!”

Meanwhile Kris Humphries parties with Lamar Odom, Rob Kardashian, Scott Disick, Jordan Farmar and Jonathan Cheban. Rob Kardashian went to visit Kim’s bachelorette party and dragged her back to see Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian millions of milkshakes

Kim Kardashian millions of milkshakes

Kim Kardashian is well known not only as a sex tape star and international celebrity, but also for her wide range of endorsed products. She has endorsed everything from weight loss drinks to shoes to lollipops to burgers. Basically she has gone from sex symbol to an inspirations for entrepreneurs!

Her latest product will be marketed in Dubai, of all places! Kardashian is helping launch “Millions of Milkshakes”, a family milkshake bar, in the United Arabs Emirates in coming weeks. Customers can design their own milkshake, choosing from many flavours and over 50 toppings, leading to thousands of possible combinations of milkshakes (if not, millions).

Millions of Milkshakes covers the full gamut of milkshakes, from fruity healthy smoothies, through to chocolate covered double chocolate milkshakes with enough calories to make you fatter just by looking at it.

Kim said: I am so excited to be working with Millions of Milkshakes and I can’t wait to get to the UAE and meet some fans!”.

The Millions of Milkshakes brand is one of the fastest moving in the world, going from relative obscurity to one of the most talked about brands in 2 years. Many celebrities have endorsed the milkshake shop because it helps deliver sugary treats or healthy shakes depending on what mood you are in.

Kim Kardashian burger joint visit

Kim Kardashian burger joint visit

Burger fans had quite a surprise on Friday when a huge white SUV rolled up to the “Five Guys Burgers” joint in St Cloud and out hopped Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries!

Kris and Kim didn’t just pop in for a quick bite either, they spent a full hour in the burger shop, enjoying a leisurely lunch while bemused on-lookers wondered what the hell Kim Kardashian was doing there.

Luckily they gave the burger joint a heads up and they opened early to accommodate the onlookers. A TV crew followed Kim and Kris of course, filming the day out as part of a engagement TV special which will air on E!

The pair were in St Cloud visiting Kris Humphries grandparents. With that visit, Kim Kardashian has met the extended family of Humphries.

Willam Humphries, (Kris’ dad) says of Kim: “I like her. She’s very kind, she’s a very gentle person. She has a very strong faith, being a Christian — that’s probably what doesn’t come across (on her show),”

Many of the patrons of the burger joint were there just to catch a glimpse of Kardashian and she happily posed for photos.

Jessica Backowski was one of those and described herself as a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and the reality TV series.

Kim Kardashian marriage date

Kim Kardashian marriage date

In some exciting news, Kim Kardashian’s marriage date has been announced – she will be getting hitched on August 20.

Kim has been frantically preparing for the wedding for the past few months, so we knew is was going to be a quick jump from becoming engaged to sealing the deal. Basketballer Kris Humphries proposed to her in May, a proposal that included a huge 2 million dollar engagement ring.

Kim is having a bachelorette party later this month in Las Vegas, so that should be a huge one for the party animal Kardashian. Kardashian also has her mother Kris Jenner taking a leading role in preparing the marriage ceremony and reception.

According to Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner has made the project her own: “I have no idea what’s going on. But I’ve seen how much my mom has been doing”

Apparently Jenner is making the wedding very extravagent, and it’s going to be huge! An estimated 1000 guests are invited, but a reception location has not been found yet.

Kim Kardashian goes light brown!

Kim Kardashian goes light brown!

Kim Kardashian has gone a few shades lighter for her summer look! Kardashian has left her hair her natural dark brown/black for a few months now but has decided to lighten it up for the warmer months.

Kardashian was spotted with the new hair color as she left Studio City in California, after doing some taping for a television show.

Of course she kept her fans updated via Twitter, Kim wrote: “I dyed my hair lighter for summer, I’m loving it! I feel younger!”

It does suit her, that’s for sure. Kardashian was also spotted on her way to a filming of the reality TV show “so you think you can dance”. She was wearing those massive heels again and nearly fell flat on her face at one point as they nearly tripped her up!

Kim has just returned from Minnesota where she spent the 4th of July weekend with Kris Humphries.

Kourtney Kardashian happy to stay unwed

Kourtney Kardashian happy to stay unwed

Kim Kardashian is getting set for her upcoming marriage to Kris Humphries, basically spending every waking moment talking about the ceremony. However Kim’s enthusiasm has not rubbed off on sister Kourtney Kardashian!

Kourtney has forcefully told her mother Kris Jenner that is is her decision as to when and if she decides to get married to long time partner Scott Disick. Kourtney has a baby with Disick, so Kris Jenner was suggesting that living with Scott and having babies is a sin under god and marriage is the action to undertake.

Kourtney is the eldest sister, at 31 years old, but is in no rush to marry. It’s no wonder, with looks like hers she can easily find a replacement for Scott Disick.

Kris Jenner is actually an ordained minister, so holds her faith very close and to see her eldest daughter unwed, with a baby and considering another baby must be traumatic.

Kourtney tells her in no uncertain terms: “That’s not up for discussion, nor do I care what anyone’s thoughts are,”

Check the video at http://www.usmagazine.com/moviestvmusic/news/kourtney-kardashian-why-i-wont-marry-scott-disick-201177

Kim Kardashian August Cosmopolitan Cover

Kim Kardashian August Cosmopolitan Cover

Kim Kardashian is continuing an extremely busy 2011 by appearing on yet another magazine cover – this time the August issue of Cosmopolitan.

So far this year she has appeared on at least 10 other magazine covers, launched a number of products and been made the face of other products, like Midori liquor.

That’s not even mentioning her engagement, the upcoming wedding and the flurry of activity around that for Kim.

In the interview, she talks about her body image and how happy she is with her curves despite her cellulite and constant fitness maintenance. Kim also mentions that sometimes celebrity life isn’t that great – “Sometimes I feel like a zoo animal. I’ll be at a restaurant, and someone will put their phone in front of my face and take a picture without saying hi.” Poor Kimmy!

This cover is slightly different to the rest because she is in casual gear, not some crazy fashion or the other regular look – a bikini. She is wearing a ripped sweatshirt, which is pretty sexy regardless.

Kardashian mentioned the article on her blog as well saying: “just hit newsstands so make sure you go grab a copy to read my interview, get my tips on making a long distance relationship work and find out the three things I’m terrified of!”

Kim Kardashian huge heels

Kim Kardashian huge heels

Kim Kardashian has decided to use a new tactic in overcoming the height difference between her and fiance Kris Humphries – mega heels! In most pics of the couple Kris towers over Kardashian by a good foot or more, so she is cheating for the extra height.

Kim is only 5 foot 2 inches tall after all, and Kris Humphries clocks in at 6 foot 9 inches!
Kardashian was spotted yesterday in Beverly Hills in some extreme shoes, six inch black espadrille style platform pumps, but she was managed to balance herself on the way to her car.

She is heading to a baseball game in Minnesota tonight, and tweeted her excitement at the prospect, writing: “Hi Minnesoooota! Heading to the twins game tonight! This should be fun!”

Jardashian is still busyily getting ready for a possible autumn wedding to Kris Humphries and has some ambitious goals for the ceremony, including wearing a size 2 dress. How the hell will she squeeze that mega booty into a dress of that size, we don’t know.

She has announced some of the placements for the wedding, which includes Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner as “bridal attendants” and Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian as maids of honor.

Kim has even arranged the cars already with a fleet of expensive luxury cars – Rolls Royce Phantoms and Maybachs to drive people between the ceremony and reception. It will no doubt be a very expensive day!

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