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Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries Honeymoon

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries Honeymoon

The latest issue of US Weekly has published a number of pics from Kim Kardashian’s brief honeymoon in Europe with Kris Humphries. The couple only had a week in Italy for their honeymoon as both had pressing engagements back in the US to return to.

They spent most of their tim on Italy’s Amalfi Coast where they enjoyed the sunny weather and beach activities with the rest of the Kardashian family. They were staying at a $3000 a night chalet and spent a large amount of time in their room doing what honeymooners do!

They were looking happy and relaxed on the beach together as they frolicked in the sun. Kylie Jenner also showed off her beach body, and it looks like she will have the same kind of figure as Kim Kardashian, very curvy.

Kim says they are planning on taking a longer honeymoon later in the year when they have more time, telling reporters: “We were planning on waiting til next summer to take [a honeymoon] But Kris surprised me last minute!”

Now gossip columnists are wondering if Kardashian is trying to get pregnant! The issue of US Weekly will be on news stands on friday.

Kim Kardashian doesn’t have just the one video (her sex video) to be embarrassed about it seems! A clip from her debut single has been leaked to Youtube and while it is sexy as hell, it’s artistic merit is somewhat debatable!

The track is entitled “Jam (Turn it Up)” and it’s a somewhat catchy and very auto-tuned pop number. So after her huge wedding, not only was Kardashian embarrassed about rocketing sales of the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape, but the release of this overtly sexual music video.

Kim rolls around on the floor in rubber hotpants and is smeared with oil and is licking her lips incessantly. All very raunchy but how good is the song? It’s hard to say from the quick clip, but it’s fair to say that young Kardashian fans will enjoy the track.

The track was released in March but failed to make the charts and most people forgot about it. However this short clip will surely be enjoyed by many people – either for humor or for it’s sexiness!

Khloe told MTV after it was leaked: “(It was) something she just wanted to be for herself and for fun, so the video she made just for herself. It was never meant to be played publicly.”

Well Kardashian videos do have a habit of leaking!

Mystery Buyer for Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Mystery Buyer for Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

In an interesting development, TMZ are reporting that a mystery buyer has put in an offer to buy the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape outright. The rights to the sextape are owned by Vivid Entertainment at the moment and presumably the mystery buyer would remove it from the market, their intention being to “completely remove it from the market”.

TMZ reports that the mystery buyer has hired a lawyer in Tenessee to talk to Vivid Entertainment about the transaction. The Kim Kardashian sex tape is one of the most successful sex tapes ever sold on the Internet so Vivid Entertainment would presumably have a high price figure on the sale.

The lawyer sent a letter to Vivid Entertainment’s boss Steve Hirsch that says “the party we represent does not intend to distribute or broadcast the tape, but hopes to completely remove it from the market.” The identity of the buyer is not disclosed, but we know it’s not Kim Kardashian because she hasn’t expressed any interest in owning the tape in the past. Good luck removing it from the Internet!

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is turning into the kind of young woman that makes brides nervous, because she turns up at your wedding looking better than the bride! Well Kim managed to keep the spotlight off of Kendall Jenner on her big day recently.

Kendall did look great in her custom made Vera Wang bridesmaids dress, but Kardashian’s $2 million or so worth of diamonds in her wedding gown gave her the edge eventually.

Kendall said she loved the bridesmaids gown and felt very elegant in it, but did not want to pull a ‘Pippa Middleton’ and have more people talking about how great she looked rather than how great the bride looked.

Checkout the video below of a very cute looking Kendall talking about how much she enjoyed the wedding.

Kim Kardashian attends the VMAs

Kim Kardashian attends the VMAs

Kim Kardashian is already back from her honeymoon in Europe with new husband Kris Humphries! Kardashian cut her honeymoon short so that she could attend the VMA awards in Los Angeles. It’s always business first with Kardashian apparently.

Kim tweeted her arrival back in Los Angeles: “Back in the US and it feels sooo good! Had such a fun relaxing time away! Back to reality!” I’m not so sure we would call having a celebrity lifestyle in Los Angeles reality exactly.

Kim will attend the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, but it is yet unknown if her new husband will accompany her. This year the awards show will feature artists including Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown and Beyonce.

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries Honeymoon

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries Honeymoon

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have been spotted while on their ‘mini-honeymoon’ on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The trip is a mini-honeymoon because both Kim and Kris have busy weeks filled with work obligations coming up and don’t have time for a luxurious lengthy holiday.

Kardashian has to be back in New York in a couple of days for the filming of the reality television show “Kim and Kourtney take New York”. Additionally, she will be making an appearance at the Music Video Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Kim explains that the big honeymoon is coming at a later date: “We want to take our big honeymoon later”

The E! news special of the wedding will be airing on October 9 and October 10 in a 2 part special.

Kim Kardashian People Magazine Wedding Cover

Kim Kardashian People Magazine Wedding Cover

Kim Kardashian is now happily enjoying her first few days as a married woman. The official photos of the event are now starting to appear in various magazines, with People magazine having a Kim Kardashian wedding issue which features Kim on the cover.

It’s not all niceties for the Kardashian family however with a massive resurgence in popularity for the Kim Kardashian Sextape after her wedding ceremony. It seems that the fact Kim is now married and even less unobtainable has made people more interested in seeing her naked and doing naughty things.

Interestingly, Kim is on the cover of People magazine without her husband! It seems that the hulking presence of Kris Humphries was too much for a good picture! She is wearing that popular Vera Wang wedding gown and headpiece. The jewelery in the headpiece is worth an estimated $10 million dollars, which is quite staggering.

Kardashian told the magazine that the wedding was like a fairy tale and “It was like we were in heaven”. Kris nodded his agreement, saying “I’m going to remember how perfect it was” Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner looked like beautiful young women in strapless white gowns (see the pics below).

The food served at the event was extravagant to say the least, and included hand-formed agnolotti with sweet corn mascarpone and summer truffles, and the option of roast chicken with Yukon Gold potato puree, caramelized brussels sprouts and summer truffles for the main course.

People magazine paid an estimated $1.5 million for the exclusive rights to the photographs which will be published in the upcoming issue. Kardashian has already been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for exclusive photos for previous events including her wedding engagement party and bridal shower.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are now enjoying a short honeymoon in Europe.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Sales Spike!

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Sales Spike!

Fox news has reported that sales of the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape have spiked after her recent wedding to Kris Humphries!

Fox also reports that the wedding itself has earned Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries nearly $18 million dollars for rights to the photos and video footage from the event.

Just as well because the cost of the wedding was close to $10 million according to some sources. They will have a few million dollars from the even though, which buys a nice honeymoon, or estate in the Hamptons..

Kim Kardashian also gets a cut from the sales of the sex tape, which was recorded in 2008 with her then boyfriend, rapper Ray J.

According to the blog site TMZ, over 2 million people visited the website that sells the “Kim Kardashian Superstar” sex tape, as opposed to the usual 300’000 visitors a month that the site normally receives.

Kim did try and keep the video from the public, but was eventually settled with the owner of the sex tape, Vivid Entertainment for an undisclosed sum and a cut of all sales of the tape.

So in a bizarre twist, her wedding to her new husband will be partly funded by increased sales of a sex tape with an old boyfriend..

Kim Kardashian wedding a noisy affair!

Kim Kardashian wedding a noisy affair!

All reports indicated that Kim Kardashian’s wedding went very well, all of the guests had a ball… but the neighbours not so much!

There were a record 22 calls to the police over the noise from Kardashian’s wedding. Apparently the noise from nearly 500 wedding guests drinking and dancing as well as Earth Wind and Fire playing, was very loud!

The event was held in Montecito, California at a private estate and many celebrity guests were invited. Apparently the estate is surrounded by many other large and wealthy estates and they don’t like having their evenings interrupted by reality television and former sex tape stars having a party.

In addition to the music and drunken noise from the party, the neighbors had to deal with hovering helicopters as the media tried to get some footage of the party and wedding ceremony.

Luckily for Kardashian there were no arrests and that included Lindsay Lohan, who was seen at the bar enjoying a number of Tequila shots. Kim also had plenty of security so if the neighbors decided to gatecrash they would be thrown back very easily. More Kim Kardashian Wedding News coming!

Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress

Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress

In true Kim Kardashian style she was online tweeting and blogging about her wedding ceremony not long after it finished! Kim took to her blog to tell fans “We are officially married!” and share a couple of insights into the wedding.

The ceremony itself went for about 30 minutes according to guests and was a very elegant affair. Kim had her stepfather, Bruce Jenner walk her down her aisle because her biological father, celebrity attorney Robert Kardashian, passed away a few years ago.

Kim was thinking of her dad on the day though, writing: “I so wish my dad could be here today to walk me down the aisle, But I know in a way he is here, and I feel his loving presence all around me. I love and miss you, dad”

Ryan Seacrest was at the event, along with many other celebrities, and he said of the ceremony: “It was Beautiful.. Kim looked regal, a perfect night. I just danced with the whole family.”

E! news will will air footage from the wedding Sunday at 6 p.m. ET/PT, and a two-part special, Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event, will air Oct. 9 and 10.

Here is a short preview clip they have already aired:


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