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Kim Kardashian Most Annoying?

Kim Kardashian Most Annoying?

Kim Kardashian has taken out a few awards, but the latest one isn’t much of a bonus. Despite having legions of fans, Kardashian has been awarded the #1 position for the “most annoying celebrity of the summer” in a poll carried out by Parade.com and OMG!

The busty brunette married basketballer Kris Humphries this year so the coverage of the Kardashian family was at an all time high. Additionally her sex tape had a resurgence in popularity so perhaps it was all too much for the general public.

Other celebrities to make it into the list included “Jersey Shore” star Snooki (who is a friend of Kardashian’s funnily enough), and drug addled nutcase Charlie Sheen.

Lindsay Lohan even made the list, despite having a relatively quiet summer compared to her usual highjinks.

Parade magazine did mention the fact that Kim has been kind of over exposed this year which may explain her most annoying status: “Everywhere you look, there seems to be a Kardashian. Famous for being famous, Kim, in particular, has been inescapable, with her recent wedding and honeymoon reported just about everywhere. Perhaps all that exposure is why she earned the title of Most Annoying Celebrity in our poll, with 29 per cent of the vote.”

The Most Annoying Celebrities:
1. Kim Kardashian 29 per cent
2. Charlie Sheen 27 per cent
3. Snooki 21 per cent
4. Lindsay Lohan 16 per cent
5. Donald Trump 5 per cent
6. Brad Womack 1 per cent

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Sales Spiking

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Sales Spiking

Kim Kardashian may still be adjusting to life in New York, and leaving her car at home is one of the toughest adjustments. However she is gradually getting the knack of getting a taxi to take her everywhere – preferring to stay out of the subway.

In Manhattan it’s usually easier to catch the subway much of the time, but Kim is sticking to cabs and with the weird sites, sounds and smells on the subway it’s no wonder.

There were 2 Kim Kardashian sightings today around Manhattan, both times with Kim jumping into a cab to be whisked off somewhere. Once to the Gym and the 2nd time to lunch, decked out in leopard skin print pants.

In other Kim Kardashian news, it looks like the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape will remain on sale for a while longer. Reports indicate that Vivid Entertainment, the company that owns the rights to the tape, has turned down an offer for $20 million for the sex tape. The sex tape was made by Ray J, Kim Kardashian’s former boyfriend of 5 years ago.

The Kim Kardashian sex tape has proved to be one of the most popular on the Internet so it is no wonder Vivid won’t let it go for such a low price. The mystery buyer who offered the $20 million was going to stop the sale of the tape to the general public.

Vivid Entertainment boss Steve Hirsch said: “We were offered $20 million for the Kim tape but have decided that we are going to hang on to it… for now”

Hirsch confirmed the mystery buyer was not Kim Kardashian but said that if he did sell it to anyone, it should be back to her. “Although the offer that we ultimately received was substantial, when I realised it wasn’t Kim it became less appealing. Kim is a superstar and if it were to be sold, it should be to her” Sales of the sex tape quadrupled on the weekend of her wedding to Kris Humphries.

Kardashian is still very embarrassed about the sex tape and told Piers Morgan earlier this year: “There’s… embarrassment and shame and so much that comes along with it”

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries Manhattan

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries Manhattan

After a number of shopping trips and stops at the beauty salon in recent days, Kim Kardashian managed to find time for her new husband and a little outing around Manhattan on the weekend.

The pair were spotted in Manhattan, laughing and holding hands on their way to lunch at the popular Hillstone Restaurant. Kim looked great insome kneehigh boots, black leggings, a colorful top and large hoop earnings. Chic and stylish.

Earlier in the day Kardashian joined some friends to watch the Philadelphia eagles play against the New York Giants.

So it was a very sporty day for Kim as she later tweeted: “Sunday funday at a sports bar w my churls @JoyceBonelli @CarlaDiBello @SheivaG”

Later on she wrote: “Ok its girls against our men today! Why are we all rooting for opposite teams than our guys! #ChurlPower”

Kendall Jenner disses Kim Kardashian

Kendall Jenner disses Kim Kardashian

Kendall Jenner is getting more outspoken as she gets older! Recently she dissed older sister Kim Kardashian’s style in an interview which shocked many.

Kendall says she prefers Kourtney Kardashian’s sense of style compared to Kim’s. Kendall Jenner told Elle Magazine: “I love Kourtney’s style. Kim’s more fun to go shopping with because she can take you to the huge stores and get you fun stuff, but Kourtney is better at finding cool things like vintage and putting them together.”

Well there you have it. Kendall herself continues to get a lot of experience with fashion after recent appearances on the catwalk including at the New York Fashion Week. Kim has been instrumental in Kendall’s rise to fame in fashion so the snarky comments won’t be well taken.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries in New York

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries in New York

Well it’s been a frantic few weeks for the newly married Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, but now they have been married, gone on holiday then rushed back for a number of work related appearances.

Now it’s time to relax.. kind of. Kim still has numerous work obligations but still found time for shopping a dragged her new husband out on the town around New York to go shopping with her. The pair looked relaxed and happy as they visited a number of ships together, picking up clothes and shoes.

Kim will be appearing at Bloomingdale’s store in New York City later today to promote her perfume and a few other things, so even this shopping trip is work related.

Kardashian will be meeting fans, and signing autographs for anyone who makes a purchase at the store.

Kim Kardashian half naked fashion shoot

Kim Kardashian half naked fashion shoot

Rachel Zoe is building a name for herself as a celebrity stylist and has a growing audience for her television show, the Rachel Zoe project. Now Rachel Zoe is coming to Kim Kardashian’s aid to help her get in style for a new advertising campaign.

The job is for a video shoot for Kim Kardashian’s new fragrance, and Kim needed a stylist asap. On the show, Zoe has lessthan 24 hours to pull the job together with the help of a number of assistants.

It was a very sexy video shoot with Kim in tiny black shorts, a white shirt and a lace bra. Zoe explains the choice: “Wearing a men’s shirt and boys shorts is one of the best ways to look subtly sexy”. Well you’d be hard pressed to make Kim Kardashian not look sexy.

Kim Kardashian Massage

Kim Kardashian Massage

After an incredibly busy month for Kim Kardashian which included her wedding, a honeymoon in Europe, a fashion show, the launch of a clothing line and a few other public appearances – Kim Kardashian is back in Beverly Hills and back to her usual routine.

Dressed casually in gym clothes, Kim Kardashian popped into her favourite salon for a manicure and pedicure. She also got a massage, that’s a job many guys would willingly put their hand up for!

Most of the Kardashian were back in Los Angeles to support Rob Kardashian in his debut on Dancing with the Stars.

Kourtney tweeted her support for Rob, writing: “I literally had a dream about watching @robkardashian dance tonight on DWTS! So excited to see my little brother dance tonight!”

Khloe also wrote: “1-800-868-3402 ▸ @RobKardashian is rocking the “VOTE 4 ROB” tee! Get yours at @DashBoutique @DashNYC or @DASHMiami”

Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian has a pretty tumultuous with his good looking and more successful sister Kim Kardashian and has had the occasional yelling match with her. The last time he freaked out because she makes far more money than he does and he called her a ‘whore’!

Well there may be one thing Rob is better than Kim at – Dancing..

Rob is appearing on this seasons Dancing with the Stars and Cheryl Burke has told him he has more potential than his sister Kim Kardashian.

Rob says that Kim knows she is a crap dance and told people magazine: “My sister knows it, too, She expects me to do better than her, and I expect myself to do better than she did.” Well the pressure is on Rob, if you get knocked out in the early rounds you will have egg on your face.

A number of the Kardashians were in the audience for the taping of the show, including Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and even Kim.

Rob received some harsh criticism from the judges, so he has a lot of work to do. However he is in a great state of mind, saying: “I was very comfortable and surprisingly not nervous, I don’t even care about what the judges said. I was just happy that I was having fun.”

Kim Kardashian in Plum Dress

Kim Kardashian in Plum Dress

Kim Kardashian may be a married woman now and may soon start enjoying a slower life, but she is still looking incredibly beautiful and still shows up her sisters at public appearances.

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian attended a promotion for the “Kardashian Kollection” clothing line at a department store in California. Kim was showing off her incredible curves in a figure hugging plum colored dress that made her sisters look plain in more casual attire!

Kourtney had a simple white shirt on and black pants while Khloe was in jeans and a black top. Kim was also looking quite tanned and healthy after her holiday in Europe with her new husband Kris Humphries.

Kim also had all of her wedding bling on including those massive engagement and wedding rings which sparkled as much as she was.

Kim Kardashian Princess Leia

Kim Kardashian Princess Leia

Attention all geeks, say hello to one of the hottest Princess Leia’s you have EVER seen. Kim Kardashian has doned a Princess Leia costume as part of a skit on Kanye Wests’s comedy show “Alligator Boots”.

Kim was looking super hot, toned and tanned from the her recent European holiday with new husband Kris Humphries. In the scene, Kardashian is serenaded to by a crude puppet while Kanye watches on.

Stay tuned, more (hopefully high resolution) pictures of the scene on it’s way!

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