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Kim Kardashian missing motherhood

Kim Kardashian missing motherhood

It looks like Kim Kardashian has been having a seep think about the direction her life is heading after the 72 marriage with Kris Humphries and subsequent divorce.

She has confessed to a magazine that she doubts if she will reach her life long goal of having children.

In the interview with Glamour magazine, the 31 year old said that the divorce was a sudden decision but not one that she regrets. However she does regret that she hasn’t started her own family by now.

Kardashian said that she still believes in love, even after the divorce: “I think I’ll always be a hopeless romantic, I believe in love and the dream of having a perfect relationship, but my idea of it has changed. I think I need to not live in a fairy tale like that”

If Kim never finds the right guy and has children, she seems content to be a good aunty to Mason Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s son. “I always wanted what Mom and Dad had. At first, I was like, ‘I want six kids.’ Then I went down to four … and now I’m like, ‘Maybe I won’t have any.’ Maybe I’ll just be a good aunt,”

However I am sure that if Kardashian lowers her standards slightly, she would have many thousands of men ready to marry her and give her those children!

Kim Kardashian avoids lawsuit

Kim Kardashian avoids lawsuit

Kim Kardashian has seriously been putting the boot into her ex-husband, Kris Humphries recently on television! Kardashian has the ultimate platform on which to complain about Humphries, multiple reality television shows.

Kardashian claims that Humphries was really mean to her, and called her fat and talentless! A source close to Kardashian said that: “He tried to control Kim by bringing her down. He would say truly terrible things. One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last.”

Of course we have no footage of Humphries saying those mean things to Kim. Only the word of the source and Kardashian herself.

But despite copping all of this bad press Kris Humphries has said that the $10 million lawsuit against Kim Kardashian will not be happening. Rumors were abound that Humphries was going to sue for at least that much because of the negative portrayal he was receiving on the Kardashian TV shows.

Kim Kardashian in Mexico

Kim Kardashian in Mexico

Kim Kardashian’s soon to be ex-husband Kris Humphries has had a bad run of luck lately. He has been dumped by his hot wife for yet unknown reasons and doesn’t have a basketball team to play with.

However he’s not the kind to sit around the house and has been busy trying to cash in on the celebrity he has achieved from being attached to Kardashian, even if it was only a 72 day marriage.

Humphries has held a press conference in New York City to announce a $150’000 endorsement deal with watch company Sector. He probably needs the money given that his once lucrative basketball career is currently stagnating.

Kris even mentioned the divorce in the press conference, saying: “I’m happy to be here. As you all know, this has been a difficult time in my life and I’m so grateful [for] my friends at Sector for their unwavering support.”

He was full of praise for the watch company and said that he has always been a fan of fashion and of stylish watches: “I’ve been a watch and fashion lover my entire life and a competitor and the no limit tag is really about how I approach my career. Most of all, they really do have great watches”

Kim Kardashian and Brittny Gastineau

Kim Kardashian and Brittny Gastineau

Just as Kim Kardashian had a bust up with friend Paris Hilton, rumors abound that she has had a fight with friend Brittny Gastineau.

Radaronline.com reports that Brittny has stopped returning Kim’s phone calls after the announcement of the divorce from Kris Humphries. According to a source close to the pair: “Brittny was very concerned about Kim’s decision to jump into this marriage, and she expressed that to her, in a very loving way”. So Kim must have ignored Brittny’s advice and we’ve all seen the outcome.

The source continued: “It didn’t seem to bother Kim at the time, which was around the time the engagement was announced. Maybe Kim felt like a fool, and perhaps she should have listened to Brittny. Brittny isn’t the ‘I told you so’ type. She is very hurt that Kim has frozen her out of her life right now.”

Brittny recently had her 28th birthday party and made it very clear she was not in the mood to talk to Kim. Kim’s rash decision to marry and quickly divorce may have cost her some respect and a few friends.

Brittny has been close to Kardashian for a number of years and even caught the bouquet at Kim’s wedding!

Kim Kardashian sex tape embarrassment

Kim Kardashian sex tape embarrassment

Well we knew that Kim Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner would not have taken news of the Kim Kardashian Sextape well, but apparently she was “crying for days” over it.

Jenner has revealed that she cried for days over the release of the sex tape, and was afraid of what it would do to Kim’s reputation and personal life.

The sex tape was sold to Vivid Entertainent by Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Ray J and Kardashian has to sign off on the release of it. Kim signed off against Kris Jenner’s advice and it led to some major family squabbles.

The revelations come about in her book “Kris Jenner… And All Things Kardashian”. In the book she wrote: “Hell, yes, it was dumb. But she never did drugs, never even drank, never did anything that could prove embarrassing to her. I know for her to do something like that, completely sober, had to be an honest mistake”

Well it was a mistake that certainly made Kim Kardashian a few million dollars and raised her profile somewhat.

Jenner continues in the book: “It was a horrible time for our family. That kind of thing is devastating, embarrassing, expensive and draining. Kim and I cried for days. We were so upset and anxious. Kim knew she’d made a huge mistake and she had disappointed her family. She was so embarrassed that anyone saw her like that.”

Kim Kardashian Divorce Confirmed

Kim Kardashian Divorce Confirmed

TMZ have just reported that Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries is now certain. There is no reconciliation between the couple despite meeting with the pastor who watched over their marriage vows.

Source close to Kim Kardashian claim that she is still somewhat conflicted about the divorce, but has determined that it must go ahead.

We’re told even though Kim is somewhat conflicted, she knows divorce is the right thing to do, and the purpose of the trip to Minnesota last weekend was to create face-to-face closure.

Luckily for Kardashian it seems like it will be an amicable divorce with “no conflicts” according to the source close to Kim. That means that Kris Humphries is not coming after Kim’s money! Hopefully for Kim there is no sex tape from the relationship because she has a bad history there after Ray J released the infamous Kim Kardashian Sextape!

Kim Kardashian in new Movie

Kim Kardashian in new Movie

Kim Kardashian has really had a rough few weeks, with the announcement of her divroce with husband Kris Humphries, only 72 days after they married. However that hasn’t stopped Kim working as hard as usual, making numerous public appearances and promoting various products.

Kardashian was recently in Australia despite her marriage crumbling. She has numerous appearances booked, but eventually decided to jet back to the USA to meet with Kris Humphries in Minnesota and discuss their breakup.

Now she is off to another job, this time a movie role with Kardashian set to make an appearance in the movie “The Marriage Counselor”, written by Tyler Perry. The title of the film is very ironic considering her current predicament!

In the film, Kardashian plays a co-worker of the marriage counselor who helps the counselor with a make over. The script is based on the successful play of the same name which was a hit. At this point we are unsure if it’s a minor role or Kim will get a substantial amount of screen time.

As for Kardashian, sources close to the celebrity say that she is trying to maintain a low profile while she gets her life sorted after the divorce. Once filming has completed she will be heading back home to lay low for a while.

Kim’s mom Kris Jenner spoke to People magazin about Kardashian: “This is an incredibly difficult time for her, She has always tended to bury herself in work in times like this, but we’re all here for her and she has a big support system in all of us”

Kim Kardashian talking to Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian talking to Kris Humphries

TMZ has reported that Kim Kardashian has flown to Minnesota in a rushed meeting with soon to be ex-husband Kris Humphries and the minister that married them.

A source close to Kardashian tells TMZ that the meeting is not a reconciliation but there is still a tiny chance that the marriage can be saved. The meeting is more about closure according to the source, so that Kim and Kris can separate amicably. With Kim Kardashian’s track record for nasty seperations (rapper Ray J did leak the Kim Kardashian sextape after all), it’s no wonder she wants to break up on good terms.

Kim arrived in Minneosta at 5.30am yesterday with just a bodyguard in tow. None of her relatives came along for the trip which is surprising because it’s the kind of event that mother Kris Jenner would normally help with.

For a change, no reality television cameras were in place to film the exchange between Kardashian and Humphries. The source close to Kardashian said that she did not take the decision to divorce very lightly, despite it happening so quickly there was a build up of a few weeks of unhappiness beforehand.

Kim Kardashian leaves Australia

Kim Kardashian leaves Australia

Kim Kardashian has been in Australia for the last few days on a promotional tour but has suddenly canceled the 2nd part of the trip and returned to the USA! A representative for Kardashian has said that “She went to Australia to honor her commitments. However, during this very difficult time she felt it’d be best to return home to close friends and family”

The trip to Australia was a quite lucrative affair for Kardashian, with fees estimated to be close to $150’000 AUD for various appearances over the space of 5 days.

Kim also appeared on a popular morning show and was quizzed about her 72 day marriage and divorce to Kris Humphries and whether or not she sought counseling.

Kardashian responded: “I think when you know so deep in your heart that you just have to listen to your intuition, and follow your heart There’s no right or wrong thing to do.”

As for the reason for going to Australia so soon after a break up: “Of course I do want some time to myself, and it’s a really tough thing to go through, but I didn’t want to bail on everyone”

Kardashian also denied that the entire marriage was about making money and increasing her reputation. We don’t know what will happen to the wedding presents, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, or the 20 carat diamond ring given to her by Kris Humphries, worth over $1 million.

Kim was very adamant in her denials the marriage was scam, saying “It’s kind of what you get from living your life so publicly on a reality show. I get that. Anyone that would get married for a TV show – it’s just, you know, ridiculous”

We are left wondering if a spiteful Kris Humphries has a new Kim Kardashian sex tape in his collection which could be leaked at any point now!

Kim Kardashian single again

Kim Kardashian single again

Post seperation, Kim Kardashian’s close friends are already attacking Kris Humphries in recent comments. Kris apparently said he was happy with a simple life in his home town of Minnesota, but as soon as the marriage to Kim Kardashian started to fall apart he began “chasing fame”.

Humphries is already talking about designing a Kris Humphries cologne, and various other products apparently trying to emulate the success that Kim Kardashian has had. Kris has also been making nightclub appearances! What a way to mark a divorce, non-stop partying..

Kris wants to stay in close contact with the Kardashians and that made Kim’s close friends aware that he may have his own business ventures in mind and needed the Kardashian brand association to make them work. Kris has already hired a publicist, not sure why someone who wanted a quiet life in Minnesota would need one of those!

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