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Kim Kardashian Xrays Booty!

Kim Kardashian Xrays Booty!

Well this is one of the strangest news items concerning Kim Kardashian for a while..

With all of the debate over the years about if Kim Kardashian’s famous booty was real or a result of plastic surgery, Kim has finally buckled and proved it is a real booty.

For years rumors of butt implants have plagued her, but without a doubt we know it’s a real booty. Yes this is important news! This will shut up the haters who have been loudly proclaiming no real woman can have a booty that perfect.

Khloe Kardashian tweeted the pic of Kim Kardashian pointing at her booty xray as evidence. Khloe was having a great laugh over it, tweeting: “Kim got a butt X-Ray…See, it’s REAL!!! LOL,”

Kim Kardashianlater retweeted the booty pic, writing: “Haha! The things my sisters have me do! Proof baby!”

Kim Kardashian Cosmo Australia Cover

Kim Kardashian Cosmo Australia Cover

Many young women wonder how Kim Kardashian keeps her booty so well formed, considering it is apparently one of her most alluring features for many guys. Well she has shared some parts of her workout routine in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine Australia.

Kardashian, 30 has one of the renowned bottoms in the world which guys are known to admire. From the magazine, Kardashian says: “I’m half Armenian, so the butt really comes from my dad’s side of the family. It’s a little bigger, so you do have to work out more, I do squats and lunges. I try to do whatever I can to work out. It’s all real.”

There were rumors that she has had butt implants to obtain that massive derriere, but Kardashian hotly denies those rumors, while admitting using botox on her face.

Kim said: “I’m proud of my booty and it’s all mine,” That amazing booty did help her land Kris Humphries who apparently loves that butt and her lips.

Kim Kardashian Butt
Who is grabbing Kim Kardashian’s butt?
Well other girls apparently! Now there’s some footage I would like to see. Apparently Kim Kardashian has told reporters that girls come up to her on the street and ask to squeeze her bottom.

Kardashian said: “There’s constant interest in my bottom! The paparazzi always want ‘butt’ shots – girls come up to me and grab it and people ask to squeeze it. I sometimes think: Everyone’s got a butt, so why do you care about mine?” Well Kim, it is one of the best looking butts, that’s why.

Kim Kardashian recently got back together with on-again off-again boyfriend Reggie Bush who appreciates her butt. Kim thanks J-Lo for being able to be proud of her large curves: “I recently lost 6lb and toned up. My body shape comes from my father’s side of the family – he’s from Armenia, where all the women are voluptuous. “Thanks to role models like Jennifer Lopez, I’m comfortable with my curves.”

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