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Kim Kardashian London

Kim Kardashian London

 Kim Kardashian must be one of the busiest businesswomen in America.  She is once again traveling to promote her line of clothing, weight loss products, handbags and television show.

Despite the bad weather in London, the Kardashian sisters looked absolutely stunning.   Having spent the previous night at a nightclub, perhaps the sunglasses covered a mild hangover?

Kim wore one of the trademark form fitting dresses that accentuated her curves at the event last night.  For their plane back to Los Angeles, the sisters dressed down in comfortable woolen wear.

The sisters were special guests at the Il Bottaccio in Belgravia, London, on Saturday.  Judging by Kim’s outfit, she still loves to show people how sexy she is!

Kim Kardashian Cosmopolitan Body UK

Kim Kardashian Cosmopolitan Body UK

Kim Kardashian has racked up yet another magazine cover in 2012. This time Kardashian has graced the cover of Cosmopolitan UK’ “Cosmmo Body Magazine”. The new magazine is all about fitness, being healthy, cosmetics and looking good.

The actual photoshoot took place a few months ago and Kim was a little surprised to see the pictures pop up in this particular magazine. Kim looks fantastic in the photos, very much looking her best – curvy, sexy and in shape.

Kardashian wrote on her blog: “I am so honored to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK’s new Cosmo Body magazine!! This was a shoot I did last year for my Cosmo UK cover and spread! Sending love to all my UK dolls! Xo”

Kim Kardashian shows off curves

Kim Kardashian shows off curves

Kim Kardashian does have the best curves in Hollywood, and she is very skilled at choosing the right attire to show off that magnificent body. Kim turned up at the VH1 “Do Something” awards wearing a figure hugging

loves to work her famous curves, and knows just how to do it. The petite bombshell accentuated her killer assets in a fitted Antonio Berardi evening gown for VH1’s Do Something Awards. The flowing gown was topped off with a gold belt around her waist, highlighting her bell shaped figure.

Kardashian’s wedding is only 5 days away now, but she’s not slowing down at all it seems and working out frantically to get into shape and doing a number of public appearances.

Kim Kardashian 3D Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian 3D Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian is regularly appearing on magazine covers, but her most cover was something of a first. E! news reports that Kardashian has appeared in a 3D photo spread in the “World’s Most Beautiful” magazine.

What better a model for a 3D cover than Kim Kardashian, with her voluptuous curves popping out from the pages! Photographer Nick Saglimbeni devised the photo shoot and thought Kim Kardashian was an outstanding subject.

Kim couldn’t tell anyone about the photo shoot due to a non-disclosure agreement, so it surprised many of her friends and family. The theme of the shoot was glamor in the middle of a wasteland, and was shot in the California desert.

Kim herself was surprised to see the 3D camera, but loved the idea immediately. Kardashian said of the project: “I work with Nick all the time and he is my favorite photographer, He just makes everyone feel so comfortable and confident…He just wants to have fun and make beautiful photos.”

Kim has worked with many photographers over the years, so to name him as her favorite is a big call!

Kardashian thinks the end result is fantastic as well: “It’s like you’re popping out of the screen!” For most Kardashian fans, having more of her popping out of the page is a good thing!

The magazine is available on August 8 and is also available on iPads, iPhones and Android.

Kim Kardashian to start fitness regime for wedding

Kim Kardashian to start fitness regime for wedding

Kim Kardashian is apparently starting on her wedding fitness regime early – she claims she has quite a few pounds to lose, but we can’t see it going off these recent pics.

In the photos, Kardashian is shopping for lingerie and is looking trim and terrific, not overweight at all. However Kim claims there are areas on her body she isn’t happy with!

In the pics, she is looking hot in a tight fitting tan colored skirt and white top and she visits “La Perla” a popular lingerie shop in Los Angeles.

Following the lingerie shop, Kim helped herself to a tub of low fat yoghurt, another sign the race to reduce is on! We know she is on a weight loss diet because of her recent comments on Twitter in whish she replied to a weight loss comment with “I’m about to start again! Wedding slimdown.”

Kim won’t go too far in her weight loss apparently, she is smart enough to know it’s her curves that drive guys crazy, she said: “I’ve always loved the curvy look. Even when I was a little girl and my friends would be like: ‘Oh, your butt’s so big.’ And I’d say: ‘I love it.'”

Kim Kardashian shows off curves

Kim Kardashian shows off curves

Kim Kardashian was just heading out for a casual lunch but she was dressed impeccably as usual in a form hugging and very elegant white dress. Kardashian was strutting around Beverly Hills enjoying the sunshine but dressed like she was heading to a glamorous event of some kind!

Kim’s beautiful dark hair was flowing and she donned a pair of Christian Louboutins high heels and some classy jewelery.

Kardashian enjoyed a lunch with friends at “Nate ‘n Al’s” before returning home.

In other Kardashian news, she recently shared some videos from her childhood for fans via her website. She posted: “I just found all these home videos from when we were kids and I had to share this clip! I LOVE this!! It’s a weird feeling hearing my dad’s [Robert Kardashian] voice. I’m so sad he’s no longer with us, but it is so great to hear his voice.”


Kim Kardashian got all hyped up when she found out that Tyra will be her on Halloween, and Tyra did look like Kim on her Halloween episode last October 30, except with less curves.

Everyone in the studio got the surprise of their lives as Tyra enters the stage dressed up as Kim Kardashian, with matching life-size paper dolls of her sisters.

Who says Halloween is all about dressing up as a monster or a character from a fairy tale? You can even dress up as your favorite celebrity, or, in this case, a famous reality TV star.

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