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Kim Kardasian shows too much cleavage!

Kim Kardasian shows too much cleavage!

There has been some kind of controversy over Kim Kardashian’s choice of attire to this years Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards with some celebrity critics suggesting she was looking too sexy!

Chloe Melas at Hollywood Life wrote: “For someone who is considered a role model for young girls, this was an inappropriate outfit,” I’m pretty sure most of these kids have seen boobs recently, given that many aren’t so many years away from their breast feeding days.

Kid has a cute dress on, but it was low cut and kinda short… If she had glass on it would have been the ultimate sexy librarian.

Also in attendance at the event where Kendall and Kylie Jenner as well as Kourtney Kardashian. The ladies all happily smiled for pics together and they all looked great.

What do you guys think, too much cleavage?

Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian arrive at JFK Airport in NYC

Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian arrive at JFK Airport in NYC

Kendall Jenner is apparently a big hit in the modeling world, having already secured a spot at a top class modeling agency as well as having appeared in a number of photo shoots.

It’s no wonder though really.. She has the best of both worlds, having inherited that beautiful dark hair and those dark eyes from her Kardashian genes, but also inheriting some height from her fathers side. So she has that Kardashian hotness combined with long legs – definitely model material.

Hands off though guys, despite looking 18 Kendall Jenner is 15! So it’s no wonder then that big sister Kim Kardashian has decided to watch over Kendall for her trips into New York for modeling gigs. On the one hand she will have to give her sister modeling advice, but also fight off advances from guys.

The pair were seen together at the JFK airport in New York City, happily smiling for paparazzi. Kendall had flat heel boots while Kim was in high heels and Kendall still towered over her!

Kim Tweeted about the trip, writing: “So excited to be here in NYC with @KendallJenner! Its gonna be a fun modelling fashion weekend! Big shoot tomorrow so early night! Xo”.

Kendall was equally excited, simply tweeting: “Woohoo! Helloooo New York!”


It has never been that Kim Kardashian set foot on red carpet with blonde hair. Not until her appearance at the Teen Choice Awards! She went to the awards with sisters Kendall and Kylie. It was their first Teen Choice Awards and they were really eager to go with Kim.



Kim presented an award to the Jonas Brothers with Shawn Johnson. Of course, there’s her really huge crush on Nick! The fans dared him to hug as many girls as he could in 20 seconds, and Kim was last in line. When her turn arrived, she hugged Nick really tight and would never let go. Very funny! Kim thinks that Nick’s too young for her, though.

In the mean time, enjoy more of Kim’s really blonde and ‘adorable’ photos at the Teen Choice Awards!










Grandmom MJ, Kim’s grandma of course, turned 75 on July 26. She went to LA with her long-time bestfriend Marci, a good friend since high school. They took her to The Ivy restaurant because it was her favorite spot to eat at. They celebrated this really grand event there with their family.

Kim is really attached to her grandmother. She considers her as one of her best friends. She really loves her grandma indeed!


Kim is a dog-person, she admits. This can also be clearly seen in her photos taken by the poolside with her sister, Kendall Jenner. The shots were taken at her mom’s house.

Kim also compiles her other pooch-loving pics.





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