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7/3/2009 New troubles for Kirk Vartanian and more information on his hot check writing spree in Las Vegas.

Charges filed in Fresno, CA against Granite Park wannabe developer, Kirk Vartanian, owner of Edge Club

Kirk (Krikor) Vartanian’s attorney speaks about his clients arrest. The attorney wants to: “Be invited to the house, look at the house, look at the evidence, look at Vartanian’s account of things and see if they match.” The attorney goes on to say he doesn’t think they will. … kirk krikor vartanian granite park the edge club fresno ca kim kardashian

Krikor (Kirk) Vartanian, charges filed:

Fresno, CA: Edge Club owner Kirk (Krikor) Vartanian’s attorney speaks on his clients behalf. Vartanian’s ATTY wants the woman he allegedly beat…. again…. to open her home so the attorney can “look at the house, look at the facts and look at what his client believed happen to see if it matches.” Which he doesn’t believe will. Um, DUH! Is it me or does it seem like this guy would hit you in the knee caps with a billyclub? Oh, and the atty said the woman who made these allegations has a motive …

Kirk Vartanian, Fresno developer of Granite Park has been jailed. … kirk krikor vartanian fresno ca club edge the kim kardashian “club edge” jailed

As promised by owner of The Edge club in Granite Park that Kim Kardashian will make Fresno famous with her visit. That her visit will be on YouTube with millions of hits. I’ve searched YouTube and compiled all the videos from her visit.

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