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Kim Kardashian Nude Cover

Kim Kardashian has appeared on the cover of the winter issue of “Paper” magazine.  The magazine delves into pop culture and saw Kardashian as the perfect way to celebrate celebrity culture.

What else needs to be said.  Kardashian shows off her killer body once again and the Internet appreciates it!

According to the editors of the magazine:

For our winter issue, we gave ourselves one assignment: Break The Internet. There is no other person that we can think of who is up to the task than one Kim Kardashian West. A pop culture fascination able to generate headlines just by leaving her house, Kim is what makes the web tick.

We tapped legendary French photographer Jean-Paul Goude to recreate his iconic “Champagne Incident” shot and all we can say about the images inside, which we’ll be releasing on Thursday, is…holy fucking shit. This issue has got so much more in store so be sure to check back next week.

Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover

Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover

Kim Kardashian has posted a picture of the upcoming vogue magazine cover featuring her and Kanye West in their wedding attire to her instagram account.

Kardashian and Kanye are still in Australia enjoying the sunny spring weather in between Kanye’s concerts.

For a magazine that usually features rake thin models, it was a great change to have a curvy hotty like Kim and Kanye featured!

Kim Kardashian Cosmopolitan UK

Kim Kardashian Cosmopolitan UK

Kim Kardashian has turned up on the latest issue of UK Cosmopolitan on the cover looking very casual but also very sexy! Kardashian is wearing nothing but a deep pink oversized sweatshirt. Inside she gives an extensive interview and talks about the problems of dating in 2012.

To complete the picture, Kim is wearing bright red liptick, bronze toner and some mascara.

Kim revealed when she feels her sexiest, telling the magazine: “I feel my sexiest when I’m all dressed up at a photo shoot with full hair and make-up. I definitely need high heels to feel sexy, but that’s because of my height-I’m short-and I just look better. When I’m on a shoot, even if you can’t see the heels, I put them on because they make me feel sexy.”

Kardashian also talked about her divorce, saying: “I think you have different soul mates throughout your life; that your soul needs different things at different times,” She revealed that Kris Humphries was definitely not her soul mate: “I’m sure my soul will meet a mate one day in the future. I do believe in love, I will always believe in love, but my idea has changed from what I’ve always thought… I just don’t believe in one soul mate now.”

Kim says while she is looking for a soul mate, she isn’t dating yet! “[I'm] not even close [to dating again],”. That’s despite her being romantically linked with Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian Cosmopolitan Body UK

Kim Kardashian Cosmopolitan Body UK

Kim Kardashian has racked up yet another magazine cover in 2012. This time Kardashian has graced the cover of Cosmopolitan UK’ “Cosmmo Body Magazine”. The new magazine is all about fitness, being healthy, cosmetics and looking good.

The actual photoshoot took place a few months ago and Kim was a little surprised to see the pictures pop up in this particular magazine. Kim looks fantastic in the photos, very much looking her best – curvy, sexy and in shape.

Kardashian wrote on her blog: “I am so honored to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK’s new Cosmo Body magazine!! This was a shoot I did last year for my Cosmo UK cover and spread! Sending love to all my UK dolls! Xo”

Kim Kardashian Most Annoying?

Kim Kardashian Most Annoying?

Kim Kardashian has taken out a few awards, but the latest one isn’t much of a bonus. Despite having legions of fans, Kardashian has been awarded the #1 position for the “most annoying celebrity of the summer” in a poll carried out by Parade.com and OMG!

The busty brunette married basketballer Kris Humphries this year so the coverage of the Kardashian family was at an all time high. Additionally her sex tape had a resurgence in popularity so perhaps it was all too much for the general public.

Other celebrities to make it into the list included “Jersey Shore” star Snooki (who is a friend of Kardashian’s funnily enough), and drug addled nutcase Charlie Sheen.

Lindsay Lohan even made the list, despite having a relatively quiet summer compared to her usual highjinks.

Parade magazine did mention the fact that Kim has been kind of over exposed this year which may explain her most annoying status: “Everywhere you look, there seems to be a Kardashian. Famous for being famous, Kim, in particular, has been inescapable, with her recent wedding and honeymoon reported just about everywhere. Perhaps all that exposure is why she earned the title of Most Annoying Celebrity in our poll, with 29 per cent of the vote.”

The Most Annoying Celebrities:
1. Kim Kardashian 29 per cent
2. Charlie Sheen 27 per cent
3. Snooki 21 per cent
4. Lindsay Lohan 16 per cent
5. Donald Trump 5 per cent
6. Brad Womack 1 per cent

Kim Kardashian Harpers Magazine

Kim Kardashian Harpers Magazine

Kim Kardashian has added another magazine to her resume, she has shot some photos for the cover of Middle East edition of harpers magazine. Kim posted some behind the scenes pictures of the fashion shoot to her blog recently and said how excited she was.

Kim wrote: “I am SO excited to be featuring on my first cover in the Middle East for Harpers Bazaar Arabia!!!”

The photo shoot was done with photographer John Russo, who has worked with Kim on many occasions before. Despite the shoot being for a magazine set to be distributed in the Middle East, the photo shoot took place in Malibu!

Kim Kardashian 3D Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian 3D Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian is regularly appearing on magazine covers, but her most cover was something of a first. E! news reports that Kardashian has appeared in a 3D photo spread in the “World’s Most Beautiful” magazine.

What better a model for a 3D cover than Kim Kardashian, with her voluptuous curves popping out from the pages! Photographer Nick Saglimbeni devised the photo shoot and thought Kim Kardashian was an outstanding subject.

Kim couldn’t tell anyone about the photo shoot due to a non-disclosure agreement, so it surprised many of her friends and family. The theme of the shoot was glamor in the middle of a wasteland, and was shot in the California desert.

Kim herself was surprised to see the 3D camera, but loved the idea immediately. Kardashian said of the project: “I work with Nick all the time and he is my favorite photographer, He just makes everyone feel so comfortable and confident…He just wants to have fun and make beautiful photos.”

Kim has worked with many photographers over the years, so to name him as her favorite is a big call!

Kardashian thinks the end result is fantastic as well: “It’s like you’re popping out of the screen!” For most Kardashian fans, having more of her popping out of the page is a good thing!

The magazine is available on August 8 and is also available on iPads, iPhones and Android.

Kim Kardashian August Cosmopolitan Cover

Kim Kardashian August Cosmopolitan Cover

Kim Kardashian is continuing an extremely busy 2011 by appearing on yet another magazine cover – this time the August issue of Cosmopolitan.

So far this year she has appeared on at least 10 other magazine covers, launched a number of products and been made the face of other products, like Midori liquor.

That’s not even mentioning her engagement, the upcoming wedding and the flurry of activity around that for Kim.

In the interview, she talks about her body image and how happy she is with her curves despite her cellulite and constant fitness maintenance. Kim also mentions that sometimes celebrity life isn’t that great – “Sometimes I feel like a zoo animal. I’ll be at a restaurant, and someone will put their phone in front of my face and take a picture without saying hi.” Poor Kimmy!

This cover is slightly different to the rest because she is in casual gear, not some crazy fashion or the other regular look – a bikini. She is wearing a ripped sweatshirt, which is pretty sexy regardless.

Kardashian mentioned the article on her blog as well saying: “just hit newsstands so make sure you go grab a copy to read my interview, get my tips on making a long distance relationship work and find out the three things I’m terrified of!”

Kim Kardashian cosmopolitan UK Photoshoot

Kim Kardashian cosmopolitan UK Photoshoot

Kim Kardashian has done a NEW photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, this time the United Kingdom version of the magazine. This time it’s sexier still as well, with Kim Kardashian in a variety of tight dresses and lingerie in the pics.

It’s not just underwear though, in some of the photos she is wearing a bikini!
This issue of Cosmo is about boy issues, and Kim Kardashian gives an interview discussing her particular self conscious body issues and how she gets around them.

In the pictures she is obviously comfortable in her own curvy body, cellulite and all. She says it’s about embracing your good parts and accentuating those.

Kim said of the photos: “This was such a fun and sexy shoot and I love the way the photos turned out.” Kardashian also says she lets herself go every once in a while and enjoys her food, saying: “Sometimes I pig out and think ‘That was so worth it,'” the model and celeb says. She admits she loves to eat, listing Rice Krispie candies, frozen yoghurt, and cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream. If she gets a dimple of cellulite, no problem, because it’s “so worth it.” But for Kim, smoking is definitely off the table.

Kim Kardashian Red Book Magazine Launch

Kim Kardashian Red Book Magazine Launch

Most of the Kardashian family has turned up to the launch party for the debut Red Book “family issue”. The ladies looked incredible in a variety of stylish dresses, mostly red white and black.

Kourtney Kardashian brought her baby along to the launch and Kim gave him a big sloppy kiss on the red carpet. Check out the Kim Kardashian pics below.

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