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Kim Kardashian wedding workout

Kim Kardashian wedding workout

Kim Kardashian is continuing to get into shape until the very last minute ahead of her upcoming wedding in 7 days. Kardashian was spotted looking hot in black spandex on her way to the gym on Sunday in California.

Kim is still participating in the “Barry Bootcamp” routine which is a pretty extreme workout routine focusing on toning muscle, something Kim is doing to maintain her incredible curved shape.

Kim tweeted about the workout as she usually does, writing: “I really put in extra work today at bootcamp! Feels so good to push yourself a little more than usual!”

Her frequent tweets are good encouragement for the thousands of female Kardashian fans, because if they worked out as much as Kim does they would also be looking and feeling great.

Kardashian is set to appear as a presenter at the 2011 Do Something awards show at the Hollywood Paladium. The host of the event is Jane Lynch from the popular “Glee” TV series. It airs on VH1 on Thursday, so check it out to spot a very in shape Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries workour together

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries workour together

Kim Kardashian is in hardcore workout mode as she gets even more into shape for her upcoming wedding to Kris Humphries!

From the photo after her workout, Kim is sweating and puffing, a good sign that she has been pushing herself to shed extra pounds and look her best. Rumors have suggested that Kardashian and Humphries will be wedding sooner rather than later, probably within the next 12 months!

In other Kardashian news, Kim has told the press she has has lawyers setting up a defamation case against Bret Lockett. Lockett claims Kim was sending him raunchy text messages which included photos, while Humphries was dating her.

But apparently Lockett has admitted he has never actually met Kim in person and has only traded text messages over the last few months.

Bret explained what he meant when he said he and Kardashian has a physicial relationship: “When I said it was a physical relationship I meant there was a physical aspect to the relationship,” Bret said in an interview. Sounds dodgy!

He stands by the claim that the pair exchanged explicit and intimate pics though.
Kim claims that Lockett is just formulating outlandish claims for some publicity!

Well hopefully the proof is in the pudding and we see some of the raunchy photos soon!

Kim Kardashian best body in Hollywood?

Kim Kardashian best body in Hollywood?

Does Kim Kardashian have the best body in Hollywood? “Pauly D” from Jersey Shore thinks so. Pauly is one of the muscle bound stars of the hit reality series, and he spend a lot of time in the gym and apparently appreciates that Kim Kardashian does the same,

Kardashian claims she faces a constant battle with her weight as her Armenian heritage means she has curves and cellulite is always an issue. Kim is on 5’2″ Kim, and her weight tends to fluctuate between 109 and 128 pounds, but most guys claim that her large booty is one of her most attractive features – that includes her fiance Kris Humphries who says Kim’s booty and lips are just hot.

When weighing up which guy has the best body in Hollywood, Pauly D chooses himself of course!
He claims: “Me, Ronnie and Sitch always compare bodies, I have the best, because everything’s defined, tight and well-proportioned” He’s modest too!

Kim Kardashian hot in workout gear

Kim Kardashian hot in workout gear

Kim Kardashian was sighted enjoying a sunny day on the beach in Santa Monica, California recently, decked out in lycra and her favourite pair of sneakers, Skechers.

Kim was accompanied by her mom, Kris Jenner as she filmed a commercial for the popular sneakers, for whom Kim is a representative.

Kim recently talked to the press about how funny it is that both her and sister Khloe are dating basketball players. Kim said: “Absolutely. It’s so funny, Kris [Humphries] will be like, ‘Oh, Lamar [Odom] had a great game. You should text him this, this and this.'” Sounds like Kris Humphries and Lamar have a mutual admiration of each other..

Kim Kardashian Post Workout

Kim Kardashian Post Workout

Kim Kardashian was spotted leaving the gym yesterday looking in great shape after one of her almost daily workouts.

Kim has been hitting the gym very intensively in recent weeks, getting ready for summer and the bikini season! Kim is well known for her relentless gym schedule and how hard she works to look so good.

In other Kardashian news, she has declared the launch of Khloe Kardashian’s debut fragrance was very successful!





Kim loves her sexy curves. Ever since her fitness video, Fit in Your Jeans by Friday, she’s had a lifestyle change to maintain her health, and her beautiful figure.

However, all isn’t entirely well for Kim. She still wants to shed the extra 5 pounds that has been staying on her persistently. But, she’s found the solution to having it off of her.

Kim shares her QuickTrim experience, and how it helped in complementing her lifestyle change. It boosted her metabolism and weight loss. She’s not really the person to go after quick fixes, but this time, QuickTrim did a really good job as a complementary weight loss solution.

Bootylicious stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez hit the gym when they want to lose weight.

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